4 Stomach Exercises to Lose That Belly Fat & Fast

Oh, belly fat. We all hate having to deal with it. But it’s important to get rid of it, and not just for the sake of good looks – but to avoid health problems too. Excess abdominal fat – particularly visceral fat which surrounds your organs, can contribute to increased risk of heart disease, type

3 Easy Cardio Exercises to Get You Pumped Up

Sticking to desk job restricts the body’s liberal movement for a major portion of the day. This lowers your body’s metabolism and makes you lethargic. However introducing cardio exercises in your daily routine can reap your body an array of benefits and boost your fitness quotient. Cardio exercises can be any physical activity that makes

Here’s Our List Of Nutrients in Food You Shouldn’t Miss

Food is the fuel that keeps our body running. Hence, to keep our body’s organs functioning, it is crucial to provide food that gives our body the nutrition it needs. Nutrients are broadly divided into macro nutrients (Carbs, proteins, fats) and micro nutrients (vitamins and minerals). Different foods offer different nutritional composition. By following a

5 Ideas For A Fat Loss Workout

Who does not want to get rid of the extra fat deposits and build some lean muscles instead. Well, the road to fitness might be challenging but is surely worth the pain. Minding your calorie intake and burning out those extra calories will help you sculpt your body. So following a fat loss workout including

Here’s How to Lose Weight At Home

You might want to shed those extra pounds, or work out to build some muscles or perhaps ensure fitness. Now while exercising with those fancy equipments at gym really works, but gym is not everyone’s cup of tea. But relax; you can save all the money and time to go to gym by adhering to

Health Benefits of A Morning Person Over A Night Owl

My alarm rings as the clock strikes 6 in the morning and in no time I am up and ready to productively invest in the morning hours of the day. Well, this has been my unaccomplished dream for last 25 years. Most of us fall easily for the night owl routine rather than being a