20 Tips to Lose Weight in Just 10 Days

Tips to Lose Weight

People who are on the heavier side of the scale often consider weight loss goals as a nightmare. Well! The good news is, it is really not as hard as you think it to be. All it requires is determination and patience to accomplish your weight loss plans. Strenuous exercise and starving yourself are not the right way to mind your waistline. You have to be careful about what you feed your body with, in terms of food, activity and habits.

Here are a few tips that can help you start losing weight in just 10 days.

1. Drink More Water

Drink sufficient water, up to 8 glasses each day, to keep your body hydrated. Water plays an important role in your weight loss strategy. It is the simplest detoxifying agent that flushes out toxins from your body. Drinking water before meals also helps you feel satiated earlier.

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2. Smaller Portions of Diet

Prepare a list of essential nutrients that need to be supplied to your body. Now divide them in smaller portions of meals to be taken during the day. This way you won’t underfeed yourself and also give your system time to digest the food.

3. Say No To Junk

Sacrificing your favorite food for quite a time might tempt you for junk foodstuff. One easier way is to keep your kitchen free from junk to make it inaccessible. Other way is to educate yourself with the adverse effects it has on your health. These foods are full of empty calories with no nutritional value at all.

4. Cut Down on Calories

The golden rule for weight loss is burn more calories than you consume. Check for the calorie content of a food item and its nutritional value. The unused calories will get deposited as fat in your body.

5. Limit the Intake of Carbs, Sugar and Sodium

Not all carbs are unhealthy but make sure you stick to only healthier and natural forms of carbohydrates. For anyone with weight loss plans, sugar is a sweet poison rich in calories. Salt has a water retention characteristic which will only add to your weight.

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6. Eat More Lean Protein

Proteins are the building blocks. It maintains the muscular strength even while you lose weight. Also they help you to lose weight faster as muscles need constant energy, which keeps the fat burning even during sleep. Stick to lean protein choices like fish, chicken, beans and lentils.

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7. Rely on Whole Grains and Fiber

Whole grains and fiber rich food will help you stay full for a longer time. This prevents mid-meal snacking and aids in weight loss. It also raises the good cholesterol and controls bad cholesterol levels. Even more, these foods have very low calorie content.

8. Replace all Packed Food with Fresh Food

Packed foods have high sugar, carbs and fats. Instead of stocking your shelf with processed food items, go for greens and sprouts. These are healthier in-between meals with much higher nutritional value.

9. Stay Physically Active

Forming habits that boost the physical activity is a good measure. Use your tea break for a quick walk instead. Skip the elevators and use staircase. Indulge in activities that enhance your cardio. All these changes will lead to burning more calories than before.

10. Eat Slowly

Chew your food. This not only eases the digestion but also sends signal of satiety to brain. This will keep a check on over eating.

11. Sip a Cup of Green Tea

Drinking green tea instead of regular tea/ coffee is a great way to aid weight loss. It will detoxify your body and also is lower in calories than normal tea.

12. Make Walking your Habit

Whenever possible, give yourself a chance for walking that extra mile. Maybe indoor or outdoor, walking will have its health benefits. It revs up your cardio activity as well as makes you burn more calories.

13. Avoid Alcohol

Stay away from alcohol if you want to lose weight. Alcohol accompanies unhealthy snacking and offer absolutely zero nutritional value to your body.

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14. Drink Warm Honey Lemon and Cinnamon Water

You might not enjoy this as much as your favorite carbonated drink. But it has huge health benefits. Drinking this in the morning regularly for 10 days will surely drop some extra pounds. Also it cleanse your body from toxins. Plus it does not offer any useless calories like your artificial sweetened drinks.

15. Form an Exercise Routine

As much important is healthy eating, so is regular exercising. It boosts your metabolism and will keep you fit. A complete body workout is very useful for overall health but you can start with simple cardio, skipping or jogging. It uses up the consumed calories.

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16. Never Mix Eating with Other Activities

If you are eating while watching TV or gossiping with your friends, chances are you would eat mindlessly. This adds unwanted calories which you could have avoided.

17. Socialize with Physically Fit People

Keep your social circle blooming with fitness freaks. This will keep your spirits high and let you exchange helpful fitness ideas.

18. Read the Grocery Labels

Know your grocery well. Read the labels of the product to look for the nutritional content it offers. Understanding what is good and bad for your health will make you choose your grocery wisely.

19. Have a Sound Sleep

Sleep well for at least 7 to 8 hours so that you are ready to meet the challenges of next day. Sleeping also regulates and control the hunger hormones ghrelin and leptin. In addition to this, if you are awake till late in night you will end up eating unhealthy and readily available snacks.

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20. Stay Motivated and Stick to your Goals

One major flaw in people’s weight loss plans is that they don’t stick to the rules and goals. You have to be determined towards your objectives to reap its benefits. Don’t let your motivation fade away with time.


Happy Weight Losing!

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