3 Easy Cardio Exercises to Get You Pumped Up

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Sticking to desk job restricts the body’s liberal movement for a major portion of the day. This lowers your body’s metabolism and makes you lethargic. However introducing cardio exercises in your daily routine can reap your body an array of benefits and boost your fitness quotient. Cardio exercises can be any physical activity that makes your heart beat faster. The benefits depend on the type of workout chosen and execution technique.

Cardio exercises basically pump your heart rate and increase the supply of oxygen rich blood to the energy deprived. It largely encapsulates your cardio organs, so before you take up a cardio workout program, be sure about your medical fitness. Another important thing is a consistent and motivated approach. No change comes overnight, so be dedicated to witness the benefits of cardio exercise on your body.

If you are a beginner, then follow these 3 simple cardio exercises to pump you up. Along with burning fat, it will tone your body, strengthen your muscles and keep your metabolism up

#1 Walking

It may sound too basic but walking can help achieve your weight loss and fitness targets. Start with a moderate pace walk and gradually increase your intensity. An added advantage is no cost except that reliable pair of shoes.

  • Duration: Cultivate a habit of walking for at least 30 minutes daily.
  • Calories burned: A 180 pound person can easily burn 100 calories per mile walked.
  • Equipment required: Nothing but a good pair of running shoes.
  • Best approach: Always start at low intensity and then gradually increase. This gives your muscles time to warm up and prevent any injuries.
  • Variations: Brisk Walk, Sprints, Jogging, Running, Hill Climbing
  • Tip: Keep looking for excuses to walk an extra mile to shed more fat off your body. Example: ditch elevators for stairs; enjoy a leisure walk to a nearby market or friend’s place

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#2 Cycling

Another simple yet effective cardio exercise is cycling. Cycling tones your leg muscles without bothering your joints. It focuses on quads, hamstrings, calf muscles and gluteus. It increases the strength and also boosts your endurance. So now don’t wait for a cycling event, just grab your cycle and get your muscles working.

  • Duration: Start at a moderate pace for 3 to 5 minutes and then push to higher intensity for best results. Doing high intensity for 30 to 40 seconds followed by a 60 seconds moderate to low intensity in sets of 4 reps in a smart way to pedal towards weight loss.
  • Calories burned: For a 180 pound person, an hour of cycling can burn calories ranging from 650 to 850 depending upon the intensity.
  • Equipment required: Bicycle, Stationary Cycle.
  • Best approach: Start at low pace for at least 3 minutes to allow muscles to adapt to motion.
  • Variations: Outdoor Cycling, Stationary Cycling, Mountain Cycling
  • Tip: Keep your posture right and seat positioned correctly to engage larger muscle groups properly.

#3 Treadmill

Treadmill is one of the most widely adopted gym equipment to burn fat. Its adjustable speed from 1mph to 15 mph and 0 to 15 percent grade ramp inclination (sometimes 30) makes it so popular among moderate as well as high intensity gymmers. You can tailor your treadmill workout, by choosing the variations to reach your fitness goals. You may even have a console on some machines that can display your workout mileage and calories burnt as per your age and gender.

  • Duration: 40 to 60 minutes invested on treadmill workout using variations works wonders for your aerobic fitness.
  • Calories burned: On an average you can burn as much as 600 to 1200 calories per hour varying on the intensity.
  • Equipment required: Treadmill
  • Best approach: Start slow and design a 30 to 50 minute plan by mixing different variations 4 times a week.
  • Variations:
  • Jog/Run: Running at a moderate pace with 0 inclination of the ramp.
  • Sprint: Do alternative high intensity sprints followed by a recovery period. Try sprinting uphill for that extra advantage.
  • Walk Uphill: Give your ramp an inclination of about 15 percent. It gives the benefits of burning calories equivalent to climbing uphill.
  • Tip: Wear comfortable shoes and if you are a beginner, opt for zero incline walking at 4 to 5 mph. increase your pace gradually to prevent any muscular injuries. As soon as you get used to treadmill, avoid relying on handrail for support as it lowers the calorie burning and also harms your elbows and posture.

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