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5 Ideas For An Alternative Gym-Free Exercise Plan

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Don’t like going to the gym? Find it boring, and sometimes even daunting? Don’t worry. The great outdoors is simply the best when it comes to working up a sweat. There’s tons of alternative gym free workouts available. We’re giving you 5 ideas for a 5 day exercise plan that involves ZERO gym-time. A word of caution: Dusk and Dawn are the best times to exercise outdoors. Always stay hydrated, and wear a sunscreen.

#1 Running for Day 1

Make this workout fun by creating an awesome running playlist or find a running buddy. If you’re not into running, walking is another alternative you could try.

Get going and pumped up with interval running: jog for 4 minutes, pick up to a speed where you find it difficult to talk and stay at that pace for 2 minutes, then sprint full-speed for 1 minute. Continue through 4 cycles.

#2 Steps for Day 2

Find a nice set of stairs that’s not too crowded and go up and down. This exercise will help you burn close to 422 calories in half an hour, as well as tone your butt. Proper technique is important here, to prevent any injuries. Push your toes rather than your heels, and keep movement controlled to prevent falling. Pump your arms to propel you and have good balance.

#3 Swimming for Day 3

Going for a swim for half-an-hour will burn 207 calories, as well as tone and strengthen your muscles. Swimming is a low-impact workout, and is great for people recovering from injuries or have other conditions that make other exercises painful.

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#4 Cycling for Day 4

Take your bike to work! This is the best way to get a daily workout. Biking helps clear your mind, and is a great way to unwind after a long day’s work. Also, you burn 297 calories for every half an hour of cycling. Just remember to always wear a helmet. Safety is paramount when biking.

#5 Pilates for Day 5

Pilates is a great way to get stronger, more sculpted muscles and gain flexibility. It also helps better your posture, and gain a better sense of well-being. Pilates focuses on core, but you can see gains in strength in your arms and legs. All you need for Pilates is a mat, and you can begin with simple moves. Slowly build up to advanced moves. A good way to start is by watching videos and following them. You could alternatively sign up for a pilates class.

So these were five ideas for a five day exercise plan. Follow the plan and you can expect to have tons of fun while burning calories! You could also mix it up with some Hula-Hoops, or dance classes while you’re at it. They too, are excellent for burning calories and toning your body.

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