5 Ideas For A Fat Loss Workout

fat loss
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Who does not want to get rid of the extra fat deposits and build some lean muscles instead. Well, the road to fitness might be challenging but is surely worth the pain. Minding your calorie intake and burning out those extra calories will help you sculpt your body. So following a fat loss workout including cardio and strength training exercises will help you gain fitness and a toned body.

Here are 5 ideas for a fat loss workout

1.     Plyometric exercise

One of the high intensity fat burning exercises with variety to mix and match, shock your muscles and grow strong. Choose from walking lunges, jump lunge, lateral lunge and Bulgarian split squat.  Perform two to three exercises with a set of maximum reps, with weights or bodyweight workout for a faster burning and fat loss.

2.     Kettelbell swings

One of the best and whole body fat loss burning regime offered by swinging bells. Choose a kettle-bell weight between 20-50 pounds. Begin 300 swings a day, kick every inch of fat away and tone your body. Choose weight according to your fitness factors. Begin with holding kettle with your both hands in front and swing starting with low reps.

3.     Goblet squat

This type of leg exercise offers great fat loss burning while strengthening your body. Begin with holding one end of a dumbbell, weighing between 25-50 pounds against your chest. With elbows pointing down, lower your body down to a full squat position. Return to standing position without moving upper body.

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4.     Mountain Climber Planks

This is a high intensity fat loss workout. Get into pushup position and form a straight body line. Now bring your right knee towards torso. Repeat with left side upto a 10 side each.

5.     Burpee

Another form of exercise that results in fat loss by burning calories quickly. Start by standing straight with weight on heels, feet shoulder width apart. Keeping back straight jump and drop down to a squat position. Now place hands on floor.  Kick your feet back, get into a pushup position and do a push up. Repeat for 10 reps.


From all these whole body fat burning routines, choose and follow a program that will challenge your muscles, burn your fat and build your fitness beyond your limits. Results although great, would vary from person to person.

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