8 Things You Should Know If You're Building Body

April 14, 2017190

Body building is a progressive effort to build muscles, bones and joints. The right diet and right technique of exercising form the core of any bodybuilding program. But many myths have been associated with body building. While working out at gym you might get trashed with bulk advises about which exercise or diet works the best. But remember each body responds to a certain diet or exercise uniquely. So you must be aware of some facts that are the essence of building body. Consistently following strength training exercises will definitely help you build big muscles but knowledge of following facts will help you achieve your goals sooner.


1.  Eat Enough Protein

Protein contains amino acids that form the building blocks for muscles. Any body builder undergoes tremendous muscular stress. Hence more protein intake than usual is recommended for body building aspirants. Sometimes it is observed that even after strenuous exercise, muscle mass is not gained. The main reason is lack of protein, which is responsible for repair and growth of muscles. Therefore adequate amount of protein should be consumed, especially during the breakfast to boost your metabolism. Protein rich foods are eggs, beans, milk, meat etc.

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2.  Progressive Weight Lifting

Initially body building exercises are subjected to certain weights and sets of repetitions. This shows results but after a span of time, you might hit a plateau and progress slows down. This is because your muscles adapt to the subjected stress and do not respond to the same level of intensity anymore. Therefore, from time to time, continuous progressions have to be made in weights to achieve desired results and build bigger muscles.


3.  Say No to Overtraining

Muscles wear out during exercise and build while you rest. So rest is an unavoidable factor for body building. Your body sends signals when it gets drained out. Listen to your body and avoid overtraining. The luring results of a built physique may push you beyond body’s threshold. This may cause damage or injuries to your muscles and hamper their growth. You might feel fatigue, insomnia, muscle pain, joint pains or high pulse rate during rest of the day. These are symptoms of overtraining. Ensure proper rest to allow your body to recover and repair.


4.  Post Workout Meals Does the Trick

After a rigorous work out session, tired muscles look for some protein and rich glucose sources. If you do not provide immediate macronutrient essential for repair and recovery, you will end up losing muscle mass rather than gaining. A protein shake or a granola bar act as feast for fatigued muscles.


5.  Not all Fats are Bad for your Body

Essential fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6 are good for your body. They are heart healthy and also help in improving the immunity. It is a misconception that all fats are bad for your health. Actually it is surplus quantity that should be avoided. A controlled amount of dietary fats are helpful for body builders. Fats are concentrated storehouse of calories that assist in sizing up.


6.  Stay Motivated

The journey to build a muscular toned physique is not stress-free. You may encounter plateaus or meet some discouraging peers or even feel over stressed to train. In any such situation, remember why you started at the first place. Avoid any negative stress to let you demotivate and derail your body building program. Indulge with positive minded people and surroundings.

Remember: “It’s not wanting to win that makes you a winner, it’s refusing to fail.”


7.  Sound Sleep is Crucial

Regular sleeping cycle is important for everyone. It sponsors the growth hormone which is helpful for body builders. Also while you sleep, protein synthesis allows to build and repair muscles. So if you want to put on muscle mass, get a good night’s sleep. Munch on some protein before you go to bed to avoid any interruption due to hunger.

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8.  Use Supplements but don’t Rely on them

Supplements have gained some importance in recent years. In addition to whole foods, supplements can be used to fulfill nutritional requirement. But the basic nutritional composition should be met through natural whole food. Whey protein, l- glutamine and creatine supplements are some good options.

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