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December 7, 2016760

A very common disorder that people of all age groups generally complaint about is back pain. It might develop due to obesity, injuries, poor lifestyle or bad postures. But sometimes the actual factors leading to back pain might not be found.

Consulting a doctor is always a good decision. But understanding how you are unknowingly hurting your back can help you a great deal.

Back pain largely occurs due to improper functioning of bones, discs, muscles or ligaments in your back. Let’s have a look over probable reasons that are aggravating your back pain.

1. Prolonged Sitting Hours

Most of us are bound to work 8 hours a day, sitting on a chair. This restrains the regular and free movement of the body. Moreover prolonged sitting on a chair can also increase the pressure on the spinal discs. It is advised to take short breaks from sitting. This will allow you to relax your shoulders and neck muscles.

2. Use Of Inappropriate Furniture

The couch you sit on, the mattress or pillows you sleep on should not be extra feathery or too firm. The idea is to provide support to your backbone and relax your back muscles. Never use any furniture that does not provide proper support to your back.

3. Incorrect Posture

Having slouchy and slump postures while sitting or standing can develop wrong spinal structure over time. Be careful to keep your backbone straight while you sit or stand. Even when you sleep your back should be in a comfortable position. Wrong posture exert extra pressure on your discs and also cause unrelaxed muscles.

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4. Obesity

Overweight people are more prone to back pains. The extra kilos put added pressure on your back. Moreover it can cause structural disorders in the spine. It is more likely to increase pain in the lower back.

5. No Physical Activity

It’s recommended to indulge yourself into some physical activity or exercise routine to provide core strength to your body’s muscles and bones. Staying away from physical workout will degenerate your muscles. On the contrary, healthy fitness regime will diminish acute back problems. It’s good to see a doctor, in case pain increases.

6. Over Exercising

Too much exercising can also worsen your backache. It can lead to sprains, tensed muscles and ruptured discs. Therefore, it is necessary to plan a healthy exercise routine according to your age and medical conditions. If possible, consult a fitness expert.

7. Too much use of laptop or mobile

In todays’ world, we are more inclined to use laptops for our assistance and entertainment. While we sit and confine the body’s movement, we tend to attain a leaning posture. Unknowingly we develop a hunched spine which encourages neck, shoulder and back pain.

8. Depression and Anxiety

These emotional imbalances build up stress which results in tensed muscles. Strained muscles and ligaments promote back pain.

Now you know what habits might have been hurting your back. So be careful and keep your back safe and healthy.

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