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November 2, 20164900

To shed those extra kilos, you don’t have to be harsh on yourself. While maintaining overall health and keeping a check on weight is of utmost importance, it does not mean you have to starve yourself. Forget those painful fad diets to maintain your body’s shape. The key factor is eating the right foods in the right quantity. Follow these few simple tips to lose weight without dieting and you will be on your way to a healthier life in no time.


1. No more junk

A little cheating to satisfy your cravings once in a while is allowed. You don’t have to always say no to your taste buds but work out ways to make healthy food tastier for yourself. Be your own boss. All you need is a little knowledge of which food type is good and bad for you and you can experiment to provide those essential nutrients to your body. So you don’t have to snack up on unhealthy junk. Homemade soups, red sauce over fat rich creams, brown bread veg sandwich, fiber rich lettuce wrap are some healthy options to consider.


2. Eat Right

Stick to frequent meals keeping in mind all essential nutritional requirement of body. Eat 6 times a day rather than 3. This will allow lesser intake of food at a time and also keep your body’s metabolism rate high. Be wise when choosing calories. Eat more veggies and fruits for a healthier and low calorie intake. Chewing food slower also sends signals of satiety to your brain faster, resulting in only required amount of food intake. Split up your diet plan to include required quantity of vitamins, calcium, minerals, healthy carbs and other daily nutrition needs.


3. More Water

Drink lukewarm water first thing in the morning. It will boost your metabolism and also aid in weight loss. Staying hydrated will not only keep you away from many diseases, it will also give you a feeling of fullness. Also, it is natural detox agent.

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4. Cut down on alcohol

If you have weight loss on your mind, limit your intake of alcohol as much as possible. Not only it has higher calories per gram but generally accompanies binge snacking, which again will add on more pounds. Whenever your system absorbs alcohol, it starts processing it prior to any other sugar or carbs already present. As a result of which body’s metabolic activity slows down and weight gain probability increases.


5. Exercise

If you plan an exercise routine and fix monthly targets, you surely will be an enthusiastic weight loser. Research has shown that a protein rich diet prior to exercising helps you burn more calories faster than people who exercise on empty stomach. You can also take up a sports for added benefits. Small lifestyle changes that increase your body’s workout capacity like using stairs, following yoga, aerobics, dancing anything that helps you sweat and increase your heart rate will prove to be more beneficial in your journey to reduce your waistline

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6. Fiber and Whole Grains

Whole grains and fiber rich foods like oats, barley, brown rice, whole wheat bread etc. take longer hours to get digested and therefore keep your appetite suppressed for longer hours. Also these foods have richer nutritional value than refined grains. Make these a staple in your diet and see the pounds melt away.


7. Low Sugar Intake

Cut down your sugar intake. Avoid carbonated sugary drinks and sweet candies. It can raise your insulin levels and increase the risk of obesity along with other disease like type II diabetes, tooth decay, early ageing and heart diseases. Drinking a can of soda can add as much as 150 calories with zero nutritional value. Choosing green tea over such drinks can have amazing health benefits on your system.

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8. Sleep More, Eat Lesser

The more hours you are awake, the more you will crave for unhealthy and untimely meals. This is a result of more production of ghrelin (signal for eating) and decreased leptin (signal for stop eating) in your body caused due to lack of sleep. Sleep rejuvenates your body for the next day’s activities. So pamper your mind and body with a sound 8 hours of sleep.


9. Walk/Jog/Run

Indulge your body in calorie burning activities. A brisk walk, jogging or running are the easiest and most preferred ways to burn calories and maintain body weight. You cut down anywhere between 70 to 120 calories by walking for just 30 minutes. Early morning walks also improve vitamin D levels in your body. So don’t be lazy and take up walking right now.

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No more starving diet plans. It will not help you in the long run and also lower down your energy levels. Be kind enough to your body by meeting its daily nutritional requirements, or your body will start using up your energy stores to make up for the nutritional deficiency. You will also start feeling less energetic and hungry most of the times and you are bound to stray away from the right track. Eat healthy and wise for a healthier tomorrow.


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