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The Fitness Cafe is the only fitness website you need to follow. We provide all sorts of information on Fitness, Health and Nutrition!


You must be thinking…Oh just another fitness website, right? You’re Wrong! What differentiates us is that we keep it real!
The Fitness Cafe started out when a couple of guys set out on a fitness goal that many believed to be impossible. One of the founders lost 48lbs in one year and is on his way to completing his first half marathon! People around us got inspired and started asking for tips. Soon we realised the potential of helping others and started with a Facebook Page…a page with now more than 700K followers in a matter of a couple of months. A Website followed soon. Now we are a small group of Personal Trainers and Nutrition Experts trying to help people get healthy!
Our motto is all about keeping it real! Our aim is to give real advice and cater to people personally. We charge nominal fees for personalised meal and exercise plans (you can contact us on Facebook or Website). We will help you reach your goal! All you have to give us is your dedication!
We are striving everyday to become better in helping people out, just as we are striving everyday to reach the next level of our own personal fitness goals!

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Disclaimer: We do our best to validate all the information we provide. However, sometimes errors and omissions might be overlooked. We urge our readers to verify all information that they consume from our page and/or website. Also, people with health conditions should consult with their doctors before following any exercise or diet programs.