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November 2, 201660

To shed those extra kilos, you don’t have to be harsh on yourself. While maintaining overall health and keeping a check on weight is of utmost importance, it does not mean you have to starve yourself. Forget those painful fad diets to maintain your body’s shape.

October 31, 201670

Want to say no to both: unwanted fat and gym? Well, don’t stress out, you might score a chance. The journey might be challenging but promise to keep yourself motivated.

It’s no rocket science that you have accumulated those extra deposits of fat by burning lesser calories than you have consumed.

October 31, 201681

If excess body weight is giving you nightmares, stop worrying and start acting.

There are many reasons of obesity: lethargic lifestyle, genetics and unhealthy eating habits. Root cause being your body’s intake of calories is more than it can process.

October 22, 2016140

Love to drink soda? Those fizzy drinks you’re gulping down are not just packed full of sugar, but they’re rich in caffeine–a chemical that we all use to keep us awake. They may make getting through a hard day at work easier, but that doesn’t mean your body’s enjoying it as much as you are.

October 13, 201690

Sugar is no doubt an important part of human body which provides food energy and makes the food good in taste. But with it’s advantages, it also carries some health hazards. Here are some of the benefits quitting sugar will do to your body and health:

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