Want to Know Benefits of Exercise Over Dieting? We're Telling You.

April 12, 20171990

The benefits of exercise and dieting are something we all think about. If you know the fundamental weight loss equation:

Weight Loss = Calories Intake < Calories Spent.

Now to achieve weight loss, two strategies can be considered. One is dieting to control the intake of calories, second being exercise to burn more calories than consumed. Either ways you step closer to your weight loss goals.

But which approach shows better results in weight loss: dieting or exercising is still an unsettled query. While dieting may reap results faster, exercising ensures long term weight loss. The most appropriate line of attack on fat deposits can be using both approaches hand in hand. If you eat a healthy diet and follow an exercise routine you are more likely to burn fat fast. Ideally, even after you reach your desired weight, both right diet and exercise will help you maintain ideal body weight.

Role of Dieting in Weight Loss

Your body is majorly a projection of what you eat, more than what you do. So dieting plays an important role in weight loss. Minding your eating habits can help you burn fat faster and achieve a well sculpted body. Since weight loss from dieting comes by lowering your calorie intake, it may use up energy from muscles. Therefore, while you weigh lesser on scale, you have lost healthy muscle mass in addition to fat.

Healthy diet plan relies on:

  • Whole grain food
  • Protein rich breakfast
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Healthy fiber



  • It shows faster results as it is easier to limit calories consumption than burning it.
  • Healthy eating also promotes good health. Relying on good food choices will keep the health issues caused by junks at bay. For example heart strokes caused by high cholesterol.



  • You might giveaway bone or muscle mass, which is undesirable.
  • Food means energy. By limiting your calories, you might slow down your body’s metabolism.
  • Your body may suffer some nutritional deficiency in case you have not well organized your diet plan.
  • Weight regain is more seen in dieting than in exercising.

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Role of Exercise in Weight Loss

While losing weight through exercise targets only the fat deposits, it is a more reliable method. The results may show up after some time but they last longer. Exercising is more important for maintaining an ideal body weight. More than weighing less on scale, exercise works on toning up your body. You don’t have to spend your day in the gym for losing weight, just understanding your body and acquiring the right exercises will do its job. Since fat goes off slowly, you should stay motivated.


  • Weight loss is based on fat loss and not muscle mass or bone density.
  • Through exercising you attain better physical fitness than dieting
  • Your body’s metabolism is boosted while you exercise.
  • Through exercising you lower the probability of weight regain.
  • Exercises tones your muscles and strengthens your bones and joints.
  • It is also said that people who exercise sleep better and have lower depression or stress.


  • The journey to weight loss through exercising is time consuming.
  • It is difficult to burn the consumed calories, unlike in dieting.

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So it is obvious that spending hours in gym is way more difficult than minding the calorie intake by eating healthy. Also it is more time consuming process. To get rid of a pound of fat, you have to burn as much as 3500 calories, which is more than running a marathon.

On the other hand, exercising will help you lose weight from the right sources and lower the chances of weight regain. To speed up and get better results, it is advised to eat healthy and keep exercising.

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