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It is a fact that 70% of your diet and 30% workout helps you get fit, shed off extra pounds and lead healthy lifestyle. But do you know that along with eating right, eating food at the right time also plays pivotal role in managing your weight and health! Surprised? Continue reading to know more about the best time to eat following food items.



An apple a day keeps the doctor away is a popular phrase. But what time of day should we eat the apple to keep doctor visit at bay? The answer is breakfast. Apple peel contains pectin that helps in removing carcinogens from the body which is hard to digest at other times during other times of the day specially at night. So, to avoid discomfort and acidity there is no harm having apple in breakfast.


Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate not only tastes good but is also beneficial for skin, heart diseases and much more. So, one should definitely include this food item in diet. The question that arises is which is the best time to eat dark chocolate? You can gorge on it in breakfast. It contains antioxidants that is good for your heart and anti-aging which acts best in morning.

However, please note that it should be eaten in moderation. In a day, you can consume up to 25 gm.



Rice is a staple food of large part of world’s population. It is cooked in different ways and used for numerous meals prepared during a day including desserts, main dishes, snacks and much more. Most of us love this food item in some or the other way that we end up eating rice (in excess may be) at odd times knowingly or unknowingly. So which is the best time to eat rice? The answer is lunch.

Known to be good source of carbohydrates (which means more energy) and high in calories at the same time, it is best it have rice in day time. You will then have the energy you need for all the physical activity you do throughout the day. So you can easily burn those calories. But at night you don’t need that much energy and/or calories. It is simply because you will crash in bed in couple of hours after dinner. So avoid rice in evening.



Banana is one of the favorite and most eaten fruit across the globe. It not only tastes good but has various health benefits. It is high in potassium and fiber which can help in digestion. So, the best time to each banana is lunch.



It is another staple food commonly eaten around the world. Potatoes are also known as comfort food which can be used as an ingredient in variety of dishes. They are rich in starch and minerals that your body needs but are high in calories at the same time. So, the best time to eat this food item is morning time- in breakfast. This way you can burn those calories during the day. If consumed at other times, specially dinner it might result in weight gain.



One should eat handful of nuts  (up to 30 gms) everyday to stay away from heart diseases. Nuts and dried fruits such as almonds, walnuts are great for memory, heart & lung function and much more. Having said that, they are also high on calories and fat. So, the best time to eat nuts is day time- preferably lunch.



Meat as known to the world not only tastes good but is a good source of protein, other vitamins and minerals. The best time to consume meat is lunch. The reason is that it takes time to digest so if you consume meat at night, it will interfere with your sleep and digestion.



Cheese, a dairy product produced throughout the world is available in various forms & flavors. It is used for making dishes like pizza, sandwiches and much more. Since it is high in calories, it should be eaten in moderation. It is recommended that best time to eat cheese is early morning- breakfast.

best time to eat



When you think of Italian food, the first food item that comes to your mind is ‘Pasta’. It is a good source of carbohydrates and fiber. But at the same time it is high in calories. So the best time to eat pasta is day time- breakfast and lunch to burn calories and avoid weight gain.

best time to eat


This fruit is rich in Vitamin C and helps in digestion. It should not be eaten on empty stomach so try to include this in your diet as snack.

best time to eat



This red fruit served as vegetable is rich in antioxidants and helpful in digestion. The best time to eat tomatoes is breakfast.



Zucchini is known as weight loss food. High in fiber and helpful in cleaning toxins from the body. Best time to eat zucchini is dinner. Having it during the day may lead to dehydration.



It is known that people following weight loss diet should avoid eating sugar specially at night. Best time to eat sugar is breakfast so that you can burn all calories you consumed throughout the day easily.


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Hope this article provided a good insight on the best times to eat some of the food items listed above. If you want us to post analysis of your favorite food, please feel free write to us in the comment section below.


And lastly don’t forget to follow this simple motto in life- “Eat right and at the right time“. it work wonders!  😉

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