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“A fit healthy body – this is the best fashion statement”
― Jess C. Scott
Losing stubborn body fat can be the biggest battle for anybody, especially for the lesser active set of people. Knowing the right body workout, the intensity and adequate nutrition are all very important segments. For fat loss, it’s crucial that you follow a strict routine.
Losing fat is no miracle .So always remember: “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable!”
― Jillian Michaels

Cardio Exercise to Lose Fat

Pay attention while planning your exercise regime. The aim is to use larger group of muscles in continuous and repetitive manner so as to accelerate the pulse rate. Know your body type and body’s threshold to choose the right intensity work out. Remember different body types respond differently to any set of exercises.

Better be sore than sorry: For lesser sore muscles, warm up before exercising.

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Cardio workouts can be broadly categorized as:

1. Low intensity Cardio Exercise

This range of exercise is for new-bees, people with some medical condition or senior set of people. Span of these exercises lasts longer and enhances your body’s endurance for workout without damaging your joints in the longer run. Some of these exercises are listed below:

a) Step aerobics

Being the simplest and fun to do, this exercise is every beginner’s favorite. Set a height that marks your step ups and start. You can adjust the height as per your comfort. You can burn 300 to 400 calories in a 30 min rigorous step up workout.
Focus on: Hip muscles, leg and joints

b) Jogging

Jogging or slow running is also widely adapted exercise as your body does not have to endure post work out fatigue and so it can be spanned for a longer duration of time. You might cut down a 100 calories for every mile u jog.
Focus On: leg muscles, aids energy and adds age to bones and muscles.

c) Swimming

Swimming is the best full body workout. You can burn a significant amount of up to 500 calories in half an hour, depending upon the style of swimming u adopt(Freestyle/butterfly/breast stroke/back stroke). Continuous and rigorous repetitive motion is the reason it is said to be the best cardio vascular fitness exercise.
Focus on: shoulder muscles, hamstrings, triceps

d) Bicycling

Steady or outdoor, however performed results in tremendous amount of energy utilisation and calories burn. A 30 minute cycling can burn up to 300-350 calories, when done continuously. Indoor and outdoor both forms of cycling helps build endurance and sustainability.
Focus On: Leg Muscles, Hamstrings, Triceps

e) Rope Skipping

Rope skipping can be a more towards medium intensity work outs. A very agile form of sport, it can be used to burn a tremendous amount of fat as it is again a full body workout involving your leg and arm muscles. The exact amount of calories used depends on how rigorously the skipping has been done.
Focus On: Wrist muscles, Forearms, Thighs, Calf muscles and abs.

f) Jumping Jack

Another easy and efficient form of low level cardio exercise where fast repetitions are done in the following manner: hands straight and feet apart, you start jumping with arms taken upwards to clap both hands and feet joined and then back to starting position. Its layout is such that it engages almost all body muscles.
Focus on: Upper body muscles, Legs, Hips

2) High intensity Cardio Exercise

These exercises are for those set of people who want to lose fat fast in shorter period of time. Also known as HIIT(High intensity Interval Training), these exercises are chosen in a fashion pf putting yourself out of the comfort zone, pushing your body to exercise to the best of limits ,then slowing down back to the comfort zone slowly and then after a short interval repeating the same set with even higher intensity.
No doubt you burn those extra carbs and calories faster but the sessions can be a huge challenge to take. Some of these exercises are listed

a) Sprinting

Want to get rid of the stubborn fat in no time. This exercise is for you. Running fast in a short limited time to cover up a given distance. This method is adopted to loose fat fast and gain muscle strength. It loses fat twice the rate of fat lost by jogging. However its high intensity makes it unadaptable for everyone.
Focus on: Hamstrings, calf muscles, Quads and Glutes lower back and abs.

b) Burpee

Another high intensity workout tailored to benefit core muscles and engage larger cluster of muscles. Stand with your feet hip width apart and jump with arms directed head wards. Then touch feet and progress touching ground ahead you. Then back to feet standing position.
Focus on: Thighs, Triceps, Upper back, Shoulders.

c) Tabata Squats

It’s a technique that uses a fast paced, timely measured routine combining regular squats with tabata interval technique to strengthen lower body. It follows a high intensity exercise for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds. This cycle is repeated 8 times while improving the strength of your glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps.

Focus on: Quads, glutes and hamstring and burn 15 calories approx per minute.

d) Elliptical Trainer

Doing intense workout on elliptical trainer can be a real fat burning regime. A combination of upper and lower body exercise and cardio vascular workout can be taken care of using this steady machine. Calories burnt depend on intensity of workout.
Focus on: Triceps, Trapezia, Thighs and Shoulders


Pros & Cons – While HIIT workouts help burn fat faster, they are more prone to possible muscle damage and are not suitable for every body type. On the other hand the slower and steadier method of Low intensity workout will give you fat free body and does not affect the essential carbs, also taking care of your joints.
Points to be noted:
• Keep yourself hydrated during work out.
• A pre workout warm up and post work out cool down ensures lesser fatigue and quick recovery.
• A necessary Protein intake prior and post work out or as directed will help retain and build muscle strength.

Happy Fat-Losing 🙂


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