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September 1, 20161490

There are so many things in the world that we are unaware of or have wrong information specially when it comes to managing weight. Being ignorant, uninformed or having wrong information can be disastrous for people who are going through a weight loss programme. It can affect your ultimate goal that you are trying to achieve big time. So, here we bring some common weight loss mistakes people generally tend to commit.

Stay away from heavy weights

If you think cardio is the only form of exercise that is imperative for weight loss, then you probably are wrong! Though it’s a fact that it helps in burning calories (lot of them actually 😉  ) but weight lifting is more helpful in losing weight. So, start weight lifting today!

Blame Game

Often we see people around us complaining and holding some or the other thing responsible for unpleasant things happening in their life. One such example is when people are trying to reach a fitness goal, they have plenty of reasons to justify why couldn’t they achieve their target- be it their erratic work schedule, their hormones and so on. This blame game will lead you to nowhere but ‘failure’. So, push yourself and challenge yourself. ‘Yes, I can do it’ attitude will definitely help you achieve your goals. Good Luck!

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Diet Foods & Drinks

It’s a myth that diet foods and drinks are must-have in your daily diet while you’re making effort for weight loss. They might be low on calories but high on other elements. For example, sugar content in diet drinks is high. So, just AVOID them!

Food and Exercise Balance

Maintaining a balance between diet you follow and exercise pattern is very crucial during weight loss. If you overdo the exercise part while you are having a bad diet, it will not help you in anyway. So, it is important that you have a healthy diet and exercise well to become healthy.


If you’re one of those who believe following a fat free diet will help you shed those extra pounds off your body, then you’re committing a big mistake. Although there are more calories in fat but healthy fats are must to consume for everyone. They help you manage a normal level of cholesterol, blood sugar and much more. Some examples of healthy fats are nuts, fish, olives etc.

Quick Turnaround

All those folks who anticipate that you can lose 2 pounds in one day, then you’re wrong right from the start. Please understand that your body needs time to show results. Slow and steady wins the race. Try to set realistic goals for yourself and work towards them.

Supplements Intake

One of the biggest mistakes you commit knowingly or unknowingly is taking supplements that claim to help you in weight loss. A common phrase is ‘No pain, no gain’ so you will have to sweat it out to lose weight.

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No Food is bliss

If you feel that if you consume no food or less food will help you lose weight, then you’re highly mistaken. Reducing amount of calories is essential but eating right and at right time is equally important. Try to include items such as fruits, nuts, veggies etc. in your diet. Try these 9 super foods that help you lose weight. At the same time, keep an eye on the amount of calories you consume every day.


So, we hope this article was enlightening for you and you will stop committing the weight loss mistakes.

Eat clean, Stay fit! 😎

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