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Everyone longs for a slim, healthy and toned body. It might be a hard task to achieve a fit physique, but it is not impossible. With the right understanding and implementation of fitness targets for your body, you can definitely hit the bull’s eye.

Just when your weighing scale shows you some extra pounds, you immediately start cutting down on your diet. That’s not the best sole solution. Losing weight and losing fat are two related but different concepts. Chose the approach that suits your purpose.

While weight loss means losing both fat and muscle, fat loss focuses on losing extra body fat while preserving your muscular tissues.

Let us understand both in detail.

Weight Loss

As we plan to lose weight, the basic ideology is to burn more calories than we consume. It is comparatively easier approach and can be achieved by dieting and little exercise. But weight loss comprises loss of fat along with muscles and bone mass. So it can let you grow smaller in size but does not assure you a fit or healthier body. Within few days, the deficiency of essential nutrients in the diet lowers down the body’s metabolism. Then your body tries to compensate the loss by using protein from muscles. As your body can not sustain with lower metabolic rate and fatigue caused due to dietary imbalance, there is a huge probability of regaining the lost weight.

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Fat Loss

Fat loss on the other hand is a better but more time consuming approach. It will focus on losing the stubborn deposits of fat while keeping the muscles intact. Rather you might even build a stronger muscular body. Muscles are active fat burning tissues that work even when you are asleep. So it is crucial to preserve them for faster fat loss. Fat loss can occur with right dietary changes and adequate work out sessions. Be cautious of the calorie count your food offers. Rely on healthy fatty acids and avoid unhealthy fats and carbs.

Perform regular aerobics and strength training exercises to keep up the physical activity. This will only reduce fat without harming your bone mass or water weight. This also ensures sustainable metabolic rate and higher energy levels. Another consideration is that fat depletion tones your body to get in a better shape rather than a reduced body size.

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Difference between Weight Loss and Fat Loss:

  • Weight loss is comparatively faster approach than fat loss but it has possibility of weight gain rebound.
  • It is the loss of muscles, fat, bone mass and water weight while fat loss aims to preserve muscles and bone mass.
  • Weight loss can be achieved by cutting down calorie intake but fat loss requires consistent exercise plan along with healthy eating.
  • It slows down body’s metabolism in the long run due to deficiency of essential nutrients. Whereas fat loss only gets rid of fat deposits in the body and enhances body’s strength.
  • Prolonged dieting in weight loss leads to imbalanced hunger and cravings. Fat loss focuses on HEC balance i.e. Hunger, Energy and Cravings.
  • Weight loss results in smaller version of your earlier body while fat loss results in toned version of your earlier body.
  • Weight loss can be measured using weighing scales while body fat caliper are used to calculate fat loss.
  • Unlike fat loss, weight loss does not focus on lean tissue to fat ratio and hence does not improve overall fitness.
  • Weight loss works around calorie intake and burning ratio whereas fat loss requires dedicated exercise plan, healthy eating habits, active lifestyle and strength training.


Hence, fat loss is far better and reliable approach than weight loss.

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