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We all simply love food. Everyone has their own taste preferences- some like spicy food, some like fried and so on. And we always try to make our food as delicious as we can to satisfy our taste buds. But with taste, ingredients and how we cook our meal, have you ever thought about the amount of calories you will eventually eat if you consume a meal prepared in a certain way? Read on if the answer is NO! If you know that eating certain food will help you lose weight, you should also find out the best way to cook it so that it is most effective. It is only then you are deemed to be following a healthy diet. Let’s take a look at some food items and find out do we really eat food right way?



Eggs Scrambled vs Fried Eggs vs Boiled Eggs

Most of us love eggs. Eggs as we all know are a great source of protein and should be consumed often if not everyday. The question is which is the right way to eat eggs. Three common ways of having eggs are – Eggs Scrambled, Fried eggs and Boiled Eggs. Now, which one would you prefer or which of these methods you think is more healthier? Well the most healthier option out of the lot is Boiled Eggs. When you scramble your eggs with oil or fry them, you also add extra calories and fat to your meal. With boiled eggs, you not only consume less calories but also get more vitamins and minerals.

You can have boiled eggs simple as it is (try to avoid the yolk) or you can cut the boiled egg and put in your salads or sandwiches- whichever way you want!  🙂



Fried rice or Steamed rice

Most of us love rice and we try to cook rice in different ways to bring in more variety like rice pudding, rice stir fry and much more. But is that really healthy? Do you cook and eat the rice right way? Let’s discuss two methods of cooking- fried rice and steamed rice or boiled rice. Though we use boiled rice while making fried rice but we end up adding oil, sauces along with veggies that it becomes unhealthy. Fried rice contains more calories, fat, cholesterol and sodium than steamed rice. So, out of the two options, boiled or steamed rice is healthier.


Brown rice vs White rice

There is another concern area and a big area for discussion that which is more healthier- brown rice or white rice? The answer is brown rice. It has more fiber and nutrients in comparison on white rice. Having said that, people still stick to white rice as that is more tasty and get fiber or extra nutrients by taking veggies. And if you don’t eat rice often- white or brown, then you may stick to white. So, the choice is yours.



Fried vs grilled

People who love chicken have it almost everyday. Which is the right way to consume chicken? How do you prefer? In comparison between fried and grilled chicken, grilled chicken is preferable and healthier. It not only contains less calories and carbs, but also contains more protein. Fat level is almost the same in both cooking methods.


Skinless vs Skin-on Chicken

No doubt the skin-on chicken tastes great and crisp. But the fact is the skin contains fat and calories. So, we recommend skinless chicken. Having said that, neutral standpoint will be to cook chicken with skin on to retain moisture and flavors but removing the skin right before serving the meal. This way you will probably enjoy chicken more because of taste and it being healthy at the same time.

However, if you still want to eat skin-on chicken, go ahead but be cautious about eating that in moderation once in a while. It won’t harm as it contains healthy unsaturated fat more than the unhealthy saturated fat (which is bad).


Breast or Thigh

Both Chicken Breast and Thigh are low on carbs so all those who are on a low-carb diet can include these in you diet. However, there is a difference between the two considering other facts. Even though chicken thigh is cheaper and better in taste but the fat, cholesterol and protein content is high in comparison to chicken breast. So, chicken breast is recommended out of the two.

If you still want to cook chicken thigh, then cut off skin and the visible fat. Then, cook the right way to make it healthier- try to use cooking methods such as grilling, roasting or baking. But always keep the eat-in-moderation rule in mind.



Soft drinks and Fruit Juices vs Fresh fruits

People from all age groups like soft drinks and fruit juices available in the markets. They are extremely popular around the world. There are different flavors, nice and colorful packing that are enough to attract our attention. But are these drinks healthy? Well the answer is big NO. We recommend whole fresh fruit in comparison to soft drinks/soda drinks and juices. When you eat whole fruit, you intake all the fiber, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals found naturally in the fruit. The soft drinks, juices and diet drinks (even if they claim they are healthy- check nutrition content on the pack) have high level of sugar content that is harmful for human body.


When we say juice, it includes fresh fruit and packaged fruit juices. Both should be avoided. But fresh juice is still better in comparison to packaged juices. Try lime with water instead of soda drinks.


Potato Based Snacks

Fried vs baked wedges

French fries- name is enough to make you drool right. But do you think it is healthy? NO. So, what is the best option to consume the potato fries. Well, bake them. Bake potato wedges with some olive oil and put sea salt over it. The amount of calories, fat and carbs that you will consume will be much lower than french fries.


Potato chips vs popcorn

Like packaged drinks, there are potato chips available in different flavors. The additives and preservatives added to the snacks have harmful effects on our body. It is essential for you to check the nutrition content in the pack. If you are hungry and want to have quick snack, why don’t you go for popcorn instead. It has whole grains, fiber and antioxidants making it healthy for you. And it tastes good too. Agree?


Sweets/chocolates/toffees vs fruits/nuts

Everyone has a sweet tooth but too much of sweets and chocolates are bad for your health. Try nuts and fruits instead. Munch on some fruits like banana, date, figs etc or nuts/dried fruits like raisins, pine nuts, almonds, cashews. Pair up your fruits with nut butter. Banana with peanut butter tastes really good! Your craving for sugar will be reduced. And more importantly, you will consume something healthy. But don’t overdo- it is recommended a person should consume up to 30 gm of nuts/dried fruits in a day.


Last but not the least, we suggest you can cook your meal based on your taste (might be unhealthy) once in a while (not regular) to reward yourself for following a healthy and strict diet. You totally deserve it!  And it doesn’t affect your body. 😎

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Hope this article was enlightening enough and you will try to change your eating habits and eat food the right way! Do share your feedback about whether this information was helpful for you or not! If you want us to provide some insight on other food items, please don’t hesitate to write to us in comments below.


Eat right!, Stay fit!

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