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Sleeping is a natural process of the body to replenish overall health by resting it. Better sleep leads to a number of necessary health benefits like repair of internal vital organs, mental health and reproductive system. However, what happens when this natural cycle is broken. Sleep deprivation can jeopardise our health and lower our quality of body and life by causing many health issues as mentioned below:

Here’s why you need to get better sleep to have good health

#1 Sleep Deprivation Affects Central nervous system

This part of human body system is greatly related to proper bodily functions. Research shows that sleep deprivation everyday can lead to poor cognitive functions. It also causes body fatigue, sluggish brain activity and negatively impacting memory.

#2 Obesity

Sleep deprivation is directly linked with obesity. Due to the fact that the lack of sleep increases the production of a hormone ghrelin, stimulating hunger and reducing leptin which is responsible for suppressing hunger. Now this imbalance leads to overeating and causing much damage in the long term. No wonder better sleep is key to losing weight.

#3 Immune system

Sleep deprivation causes immune system to weaken over the course of time. Since the production of antibodies is hampered, leading body vulnerable to various infection and diseases. It also deprives body time to repair and recover during restful sleep.

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#4 Memory and learning loss

Lack of sleep may hamper your brain recalling function. When in sound sleep, our brain produces some waves responsible for storing memories. Short term memories are stored in part of brain called hippocampus. While in deepest sleep, these memories are shifted to prefrontal cortex, which holds long term memories. So if you don’t allow uninterrupted better sleep, your brain does not properly stores and recalls memories.

#5 Skin damage

Well, we all need our beauty sleep. Sleep deprivation may welcome unwanted skin damages like ageing, dullness, puffy eyes, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles. This happens due to increased production of cortisol which damages the elasticity of skin. The effects are so fast that a week’s lack of sleep can make you look older.

#6 Enhanced risk of Diabetes

Your body is at higher risk of being diabetic if you are sleep deprived. This is due to the fact that lack of sleep causes insulin resistance. When insulin is not using glucose for energy, it spikes the blood sugar levels, thus pushing you to a pre diabetic risk.

#7 Depression

State of depression and insomnia are inter related. Studies show that people with disturbed sleep patterns are more prone to depression. Although mostly, it is not the whole soul reason but when linked with other causes, it can promote symptoms of depression up to ten times.

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#8 Lack of concentration

Sleep deprivation effects your concentration and coordination. Your brain would not follow the signals and coordinate accordingly. Also lack of focus will slow down your decision making ability. So for a good day to follow, pamper yourself with good night’s sleep.

#9 Threat to Cardio organs

Sleep deprived nights are followed by days with raised blood pressure levels and hypertension. Continuous lack of sleep raises production of hormones or biochemical that stress the heart. This leads to increased risk of strokes and heart ailments. Also people who suffer with sleep apnea fall into this category.

#10 Mood swings

Even one night’s restlessness caused due to sleep deprivation can affect your mood. Prolonged sleep deprivation makes you feel irritated, unfocused, exhausted, anxious and annoyed over small things. It makes you emotionally fatigued.

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