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December 19, 20165160

Just say the word exercise or fitness and you will be flooded with information and advises from friends and internet. While some of them can benefit you, but you have to take your pick. Fitness myths or half-truths based on little knowledge can sometimes mess up with your fitness goals. So be sure about the information before acting on it.


MYTH 1: More Gym, More Fitness

FACT: It is not necessary that you have to spend longer hours in the gym all seven days of a weak. Ask your trainer to design a plan for you. Give your muscles time to repair and rejuvenate. As a beginner, work out on alternate days and gradually you can schedule a 5 or 6 days workout plan. Over training might wear out your muscular tissues and lead to damage.


MYTH 2: Running will harm your knees

FACT: Researches show that old runners have better knees than non-runners of same age. Actually, you should coordinate running with complete body workout. It will strengthen your knee joints and muscles. Human body is designed well to cope up the body weight pressure on knee joints while running to a great extent. In case of any pain or discomfort, it is advised to see a doctor.

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MYTH 3: No Sweating, No Results

FACT: If your exercise regime does not make you sweat out, don’t panic. Sweating is not a success indicator of your fitness goals. It’s just a natural way of your body to cool down. So little or no sweat does not mean that you are not working hard enough to burn calories.


MYTH 4: Eating too much protein helps build muscles faster.

FACT: Proteins are basically amino acids necessary for muscle building. But overdose of protein can strain your kidneys. Your body will not be able to efficiently use the extra protein supply. It can also cause nutritional imbalance. To build muscles, it is important to do incorporate both: weight training and nutritious diet plan.

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MYTH 5: No Pain, No Gain

FACT: This is one most commonly heard fitness myth. Your training sessions don’t have to hurt you. Although it is common to experience some soreness initially. But if you feel pain while working out, then either your posture or you technique is wrong. Consult a fitness or medical expert to identify and eliminate the reason of your pain.

MYTH 6: Rely on protein bars and shakes post work out.

FACT: Post workout, you should supply protein to the tired muscles for re-energizing. Protein bars are shakes are easy but processed forms of proteins. It may contain artificial sweeteners and add to your calorie count. Sticking to natural sources like fish, turkey, eggs, beans are considerably better protein choices.

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MYTH 7: Strength training will make women look bulky.

FACT: Strength training focuses on muscle building but it does not mean that women should stay away from it. Muscle mass is very hard to gain, especially with women. Women have comparatively lower muscle building tissue and hormones than men. And a regular weight lifting will not make you look bulky.


MYTH 8: Yoga is very gentle and slow form of exercising.

FACT: Some people believe that yoga poses are meant to rectify postural inaccuracy and soothe your mind and body. It is misjudged as a very slow method by people who want to lose weight. But actually there are some rigorous and severe forms of yoga. For example power yoga can be a very intense work out plan.



MYTH 9: Crunches are sure shot fat burning exercise

FACT: Crunches involve core abdominal muscles. So doing reps of crunches will surely strengthen your midsection but is not a fat burning trick. Make sure that you burn more calories than you consume. Then only you can get rid of stubborn fat around your belly.


MYTH10: Spot Reduction technique is far too effective

FACT: Focusing on a particular area for fat loss. This approach does not work. It is unintelligent to believe that you can work out for only your arms, your thighs or your abs. To reduce body fat, you have to undergo a complete body work out. Spotting a particular region and exercising only target muscles might damage them.

Do Exercise, Stay Fit!

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