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May 1, 20171010
My alarm rings as the clock strikes 6 in the morning and in no time I am up and ready to productively invest in the morning hours of the day. Well, this has been my unaccomplished dream for last 25 years.

My alarm rings as the clock strikes 6 in the morning and in no time I am up and ready to productively invest in the morning hours of the day. Well, this has been my unaccomplished dream for last 25 years. Most of us fall easily for the night owl routine rather than being a smarter and brighter morning person. No matter how true my intentions be while going to bed, I never won the battle with the snooze on my alarm clock.

There are many advantages of being an early riser. Morning hours can bring out the best of positive energy within you, give you ample me/family time, let you enjoy breakfast and spend time on your fitness. But to avail the benefits you have to first get over the morning sluggishness inside you. No change comes easy and overnight. Realizing how I can put the morning hours to a more energetic and productive lifestyle, I decided to become a morning person.

Health benefits of a morning person over a night owl

Apart from some extra hours, a little research on early morning routine surprised me with an array of benefits.

  • Fitness: An early morning walk will pump in more oxygen, up your fitness level, keep you energetic throughout the day.
  • Family time: You can cook yourself a healthy breakfast and without any need to rush you can relish the meal with your family.
  • Follow your passion: With more time in hand, you can spend it on following your passion, before committing yourself to professional and social demands.
  • Learn something new:In the evening, after fulfilling daily routine tasks you are not left with enough energy to learn something new. But in the morning,your brain is fresh and active. You can smartly use this time in learning a new skill, little by little daily. For example a new language or guitar lesson or a read inspirational biographies.
  • Better management: You get plenty time to strategically plan your day’s important tasks ahead and enhance your productivity.

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How to become a morning person

Switching habits from being a night owl to morning person surely demands lots of dedication. In this journey your alarm clock can be your biggest strength and weakness, depending upon how you use it. Having been a night owl for a long time, I can assure you that the change is worth all the hardships you might face. I would suggest a few tips on how to become a morning person.

  1. Go to bed early:Adults need 7 to 9 hours if sleep. So to be able to wake up early in the morning, you have to sleep early to get adequate sleep.It is difficult to make the change in one go, so start with 15 minutes early to bed daily. This will slowly reschedule your sleep cycle.
  2. Make your bedroom sleep friendly: Make sure that temperature is suitable for you to sleep, avoid any bright lights and drop the idea of catching up your favorite T.V. show or loud music just before you go to bed. Rather indulge in habit of bed-time reading as it invokes sleep.
  3. Eat light but not inadequate: Do not miss your dinner as you might not be able to sleep with starving stomach. Eat carbs for dinner or foods rich in tryptophan, which converts to serotonin: relaxing hormone. This will promote better sleep. At the same time, do not overeat as it will also rob your sleep. Eat well in time about 45 minutes before going to bed.
  4. Avoid using any gadgets in the bed: Keeping mobile, tablets, computers or games in reach will keep you diverted from sleep. The light from these gadgets can upset your circadian cycle and ruin your sleep. So cut down your on screen time at least an hour before you sleep.
  5. Relax your tired muscles for a better sleep: Get involved in a relaxing massage or a hot shower to relax your tired muscles. You can also meditate. Try a hibiscus or chamomile herbal tea to soothe and calm you. There a bunch of aromatic candles that promote sleep.
  6. Play smart with your alarm clock: Do not forget to set the alarm and make sure not to place the alarm close or within reach. It increases the chances of hitting the snooze button. Keep it slightly away so that you have to leave the bed to turn it off.
  7. Battle the hurdles:Getting out of cozy bed is in itself winning half the battle. But to ensure that you are not tempted to go back to sleep, get up and do these little things.
    • Wash your face to wake up your mind.
    • Turn the lights on to brighten up the space.
    • Move to a different location to give yourself pump of oxygen.
    • Do some stretching to activate you slowly.
    • Make yourself a cup of coffee to get the morning dose of energy.
  8. Don’t break the routine: Once you start practicing early rising mornings, do not give up on your habit. After pushing yourself for a few days initially, you will start enjoying the routine gradually. It takes 21 days for a new habit to form. So give yourself enough boost during that phase to cultivate the routine.
  9. Have an objective: Plan something for next day so that you have a reason to get out of bed. Maybe join some yoga group or fitness class, managing house chores before kids wake up, watering the plants or anything that makes you use the extra time to your liking.
  10. Exercise for at least 20 minutes: Exercising not only strengthens your body but also sharpen your senses. It makes your mind more alert and also you increase oxygen supply running through your body to boost your energy. So not only you, but your senses have awaken and are ready for a fresh day.

Taking care of these few things can really help you in becoming a morning person from a nocturnal. So good luck for the new routine.

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