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May 1, 20171050
You might want to shed those extra pounds, or work out to build some muscles or perhaps ensure fitness. Now while exercising with those fancy equipments at gym really works, but gym is not everyone’s cup of tea.

You might want to shed those extra pounds, or work out to build some muscles or perhaps ensure fitness. Now while exercising with those fancy equipments at gym really works, but gym is not everyone’s cup of tea. But relax; you can save all the money and time to go to gym by adhering to healthy lifestyle habits and doing exercise at home. All you have to do is stay committed to the goals and work out plan. Remember “IT never gets EASIER, YOU just get BETTER”.

So here are a few simple tips on how you can lose weight at home.

1.     Include whole foods in your diet

When we refer to whole foods, it can be any plant or animal origin food that is most closed to its natural form. Being so, it preserves most of its nutrients like minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, fiber or phytonutrients. Consuming whole foods like legumes, barley, beans, brown rice, oats, poultry, fish ensures that you don’t feed any empty calories to your body.

2.     No junk

If you plan to lose weight, make peace with your cravings for junk food. Snacks like French fries, chips, candies, donuts, noodles etc are calorie dense foods with substantially low nutritional value. Beverages that are loaded with artificial sweeteners inverse your weight loss goals. Therefore, they will do nothing except increasing your waistline. A craving lasts for an hour but a good physique lasts a lifetime.

3.     H20 is the key

Other than detoxifying your body, drinking lots of water can also reduce your waistline. Gulping some water before your meals will make you eat lesser. Also it aids in better digestion. It is also believed to boost your metabolism and fasten your fat loss process.

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4.     Follow high Protein, high fiber and low carb diet

A protein rich diet will enhance your metabolic rate, strengthen your muscles and increase your eating lapse. Protein is needed by muscles which burn calories even at rest. So with protein in your diet you burn calories even when not working out. Fiber is another essential nutrient which gets digested slowly and thus keeps you satiated for as longer time. Stick to healthy and low carbs diet options like fruits, veggies, nuts, cheese etc and avoid refined carbs.

5.      Exercise efficiently

Regular exercising with proper technique is a promising way to cut off those extra pounds.  Doing a little cardio, following yoga, working out at gym will keep unwanted fat away from your body. It will also boost your mental strength and confidence. As an added advantage, exercising prevents the risk of many diseases. Devise an exercise plan and gradually increase the intensity to meet up the body’s new metabolism. Remember, no workout can ever be regretted.

6.     Know your calories

The golden rule to weight loss is to burn more calories than being consumed. So be watchful about the body’s calorie requirement and actual calorie intake. Also you should know the amount of calories offered by any food that you eat. To burn the calories consumed, exercise and remain physically very active.

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7.     Introduce some activity or sport

Take up an adventurous sport or fun activity once in a while to put your body’s capacity to test. Example trekking or cycling with friends will let you burn considerable amount of calories.

8.     Do some strength training

Strength training exercises allow you to build muscles. Muscles are active tissues that increase your BMR(basal metabolic rate) i.e. energy spend during rest. Also losing on muscle mass will lower your fat burning mechanism. So build more muscles and burn more fat.

9.     Sleep well

If you sleep late at night, chances of mindless easting during night are high. But there is more to it. Sleep deprivation disturbs the Ghrelin (hunger hormone) and Leptin (satiety hormone).  It increases the ghrelin and decreases the leptin production in human  body.

10. Choose green tea over regular

Green tea is trusted for losing weight, especially the belly fat. Catechins found in green tea increase the calorie burning process. It also initiates breaking down of triglycerides thus preventing fat absorption. So next time you want tea, make sure it is green tea.


Implementing the above changes in your life will show the result on your body. You will not only lose weight but also feel more energetic and fit. So in a few months from now, you will be pleasantly surprised how easy it was to lose weight at home. Spread the knowledge and stay fit.

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