5 Ideas For a Kickass Morning Routine to Help You Lose Weight

April 14, 201717250

Most early birds know that mornings are the most productive time of day. Having a healthy morning routine that includes exercise peps you up. It even enhances your metabolism and sets the momentum for the day ahead. With a good routine, you’ll find improvements in your physical and mental energy – and what’s more, you can even lose weight.

Why mornings?

Mornings are great for weight loss because of an effect known as the EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption), or the “after-burn” effect. What this means is that your body burns more calories post-workout, even when you’re driving or sitting. You can easily kick off a morning routine by pumping up the metabolism and eating afterword. Your body can do 3 things with the calories you take in:

  1. It can be used as a source of energy
  2. It can be used to replenish the body
  3. It can be stored as fat

When you eat after exercising in the morning, you are replenishing your body and providing calories to meet your higher metabolic rates. You don’t get this benefit when you exercise later in the day.

What can you do to start a morning routine?

#1 Start Your Mornings with some sun

Studies have shown that sunlight is an important source for Vitamin D, which helps with emotional stability, organ function and lifts your mood. When you soak up the sun, you feel energized, motivated and healthier. This will give you the energy needed to stick to your health goals, hit the gym or cook a healthy meal. Sunlight also contains higher levels of blue light, which helps normalize your internal circadian rhythm. This helps you sleep better, which in turn keeps your metabolism running properly. Also, you need only 20-30 minutes of sun exposure in the morning to reap all these benefits.

#2 Load on the proteins!

Don’t skip or scrimp on your breakfast. You’ll end up missing an opportunity to refuel your body with what it needs, and to enable you to hold off hunger longer. A high protein intake has been shown to build muscle and keep you fuller, for longer.

Keep in mind that your body is literally fasting through the night. Filling up with protein in the morning helps with blood sugar, and keeps your calorie intake in control.

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#3 Take a cold shower

Cold showers can help boost your energy levels, your metabolism, and regulate your hormones too. When your body gets cold, you burn calories so that your body can keep you warm. Start your shower at your favourite temperature, slowly making it colder and stay in the cold water for 3-4 minutes.

# 4 Work up a sweat

Working out in the morning not only boosts your energy and metabolism, it also keeps you conscious of your health goals through the day. Put on some music, and work up a sweat. It’ll help you stay energized for the whole day, and the “after-burn effect” will keep you burning calories.

#5 Plan the day’s snacks

Take a few minutes in the morning to decide what you’ll eat at work. When you’ve just woken up, it’s easy to underestimate the amount of fuel you’ll need the whole day and just throw in an apple in your bag. Pack some quick, healthy snacks like a fruits or nuts. Plan your meals by keeping a log in your journal. You could even whip up a quick smoothie and have it while on your way to work.

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