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October 31, 20164380

Want to say no to both: unwanted fat and gym? Well, don’t stress out, you might score a chance. The journey might be challenging but promise to keep yourself motivated.

It’s no rocket science that you have accumulated those extra deposits of fat by burning lesser calories than you have consumed. But to shed off the extra kilos, just inculcate these simple habits in your lifestyle.


Mind what you eat

Opt for frequent and healthy diets. Don’t snack up with unhealthy and junk meals. Ensure your body meets its requirement of proteins, healthy carbs and sugar levels.

  • Don’t Skip the first meal: Pamper yourself with breakfast that is rich in fiber and proteins. This boosts your body’s energy levels.
  • Eat healthy carbs: Choose carbs that are good for your body like whole grains, over unhealthier ones like rice, breads, and sugar rich beverages.
  • Stick to more vegetables and fruits than processed foods
  • Intake of sugar in natural form (fructose) will not harm you but carbonated drinks and sweetened beverages surely will.
  • Substitute your cravings: Tea/coffee addict? Drink a cup of green tea instead. Throw that pack of chips and eat a few cashew nuts. Replace those pizza cravings with oatmeal. Gradually you build up a taste for healthier snack.
  • Prepare a balanced diet plan according to your gender and age that suffices your protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, sugar, fiber, calcium intake. Include healthy fats (unsaturated fat over trans-fat). Take care you encapsulate all the essential nutrients. You might take help from a nutritionist.

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Exercise Regime

Now that your diet chart is prepared, make sure you have an exercise plan.

Set a goal for yourself and keep accelerating with time. There are number of body weight exercises, cardio exercises, yoga asanas for which you don’t need a gym. Keeping in mind your medical conditions (if any) and age group, make a workout plan and as you exercise, gradually push yourself out of the comfort zone.

  • Body Weight Exercises
    • Crunches
    • Planks
    • Push ups
    • Squats etc
  • Cardio
    • Jumping jack
    • Skipping
    • Step Ups
    • High Knee Raise etc
  • Yoga Asana
    • Camel pose
    • Boat Pose
    • Raised Foot Pose
    • Bow Pose etc
yoga poses

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Home to work and work to home leaves you with no extra time for yourself. So gradually indulge healthier habits into your daily lifestyle.

  • Sound sleep: Take 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep, mainly between 10-11 pm and 4-5 am. Fewer hours of sleep may lead to lesser amount of calories burnt and hinders proper metabolism. Added advantage of no midnight cravings.
  • Take up some sport: Pick any sport that will increase your physical. This could be a fun way to do cardio exercises and gradually shed weight.
  • Drink more water: On an average drink up to 8 glasses of water and preferable half an hour before meals. This will not only help you stay hydrated but also reduce your appetite.
  • Walk Walk and Walk: Skip that escalator and take a few steps instead. As simple as that. More you walk, more calories you burn. Undoubtedly brisk walking offers superior results.


Form a routine

  • Suit yourself and choose an activity of your interest, maybe, trekking, rock climbing, swimming or anything that you consider as an intense physical workout. Now fix a routine and go for it.

Avoid :

There are shortcut methods available in market, which we certainly do not encourage. Undergoing surgery or taking diet pills or fat burning supplements are all unreliable ways and have no long term results.

Alcohol: If you are aiming for weight loss, alcohol is a big no. It will only lower your metabolism and provide absolutely zero nutrition to your body.

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Making these simple changes in your life will definitely helps you lose weight and make you Fitter!

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