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January 16, 20172890

We work hard to achieve the ideal body weight. Soon after accomplishing weight targets, maintaining healthy body weight becomes our next prime concern. Ideal body weight is very crucial for a healthy life. It is an assurance of disease-free later years of age. You reduce the risk of developing chronic diseases that can be caused due to obesity. Following are some of the ways to maintain healthy body weight.

1. Track your Walk

If you have ever aimed for weight loss, you must be aware of the benefits of walking. Now after you have met your weight targets don’t skip walking. Instead track how much have you been walking in a day. And gradually increase the number of steps you take each day. This will give you long term benefits and maintain a healthy body weight.

2. Eat Smart

Take frequent meals in a day and never eat too much at a time. Develop a habit of chewing your food properly for better digestion. Eating slowly helps to send satiety signals to the brain and prevent any mindless eating. Also keep in mind the following:

  • Limit alcohol intake
  • Avoid carbonated drinks
  • Stick to whole grains than refined ones
  • Avoid any processed foods
  • Say no to extra food

3. Know your Grocery

To maintain your body weight, you should know what your body needs and in how much quantity. To understand this, you should have knowledge of food ingredients and their nutritional value. Read grocery labels while shopping. Also take care that your grocery shelf has almost all essential nutrients that your body needs.

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4. H2O

Drinking plenty of water not only detoxifies your body but also helps in maintaining body weight. It has many benefits like improving the digestion, healthy skin, weight loss, prevents muscular cramps and reduce the risk of heart diseases. Apart from drinking water, reach out for fruits (banana, melons etc.) rich in water content.

5. Stick to Healthier Lifestyle

Look out for ways that help you stay active in your routine life. Whenever possible try to do any of the following :

  • Choose staircase instead of elevators
  • Walk an extra mile
  • Jump on your treadmill while watching your favorite T.V. series
  • Play with your kids and pets on weekends

The idea is to swap lethargic lifestyle with active habits to maintain your healthy weight.

6. Calorie Count

You have already understood how calories effect body weight. For avoiding any useless calorie or fat deposit, be watchful of your calorie count. Consume calories according to your gender and BMI (Body-Mass Index), and stay physically active to burn them. If calories consumed remains more than calories burnt, you will gain more weight.

7. Keep Exercising

Exercising is the key to fitness. Do not stop your work out sessions after attaining weight goals. Switch between aerobics, strength training, yoga and gym sessions to avoid boredom. This also allows you to reap the benefits of different forms and maintain healthy body weight.

8. Supervise your Fitness Record

Everybody is unique. Keep a track of your physical activities and fitness. This way you can compare your physical capabilities in the past and present. Now you know how far you have come and which habits benefit you more. You are committed to set higher targets for yourself and work with more dedication.

9. Sound Sleep

Sleeping for 7 to 8 hours is very important for human body. It recharges your body for the next day. Also sleeping in time prevents late night snacking which could lead to weight gain. Sound sleeping cycle helps to maintain ideal body weight.

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10. Lay Down a Plan

If you have a future plan on how much body weight to target for, you will be more devoted for achieving it. Plan out weekly/monthly targets and if possible get a partner or group. It keeps you motivated and connected to work out regime. It also gives a reason to be more sincere in maintaining ideal body weight.

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