Morning Exercise or Evening Work Out? Find Out What Works

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Morning exercise versus evening exercise is a much debated affair. Different researchers support different approaches, hence leaving no unanimous revelations about the question. Although the advantages offered by morning and evening workouts are distinct, which makes it easier to choose between the two depending upon your fitness goals. Still, dedicating few hours for exercise anytime during the day is much better than being a couch potato. So rather than finding excuses about the best time, plan an exercise routine that comfortably fits in your daily routine. Remember you successfully burn calories each time you work out.

To choose the best time to work out, you should understand the difference between the health benefits of morning work-out and evening work-out. There are some co-factors like office hours, family commitments, availability of a partner, gym crowd or safe timings that play role in finding the best time to work out. As long as you follow a consistent work out regime, you are on the winning side.

Morning Workout

Morning workout is suitable for the early birds. If your body clock is adapted to getting up early, you should fix morning hours for exercise. In some cases work-packed day is the reason people choose early morning hours. Most likely morning workouts are done on empty stomach which aids in weight loss as you burn huge amounts of fat.


1. Boosts up Energy Levels

Exercising makes your mind alert and sharp and also raise your energy levels. Regular exercising enhances your stamina and makes you feel less fatigue. Medium to high intensity morning workout raises your body’s metabolic rate. Also EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) lets your body burn fat even after workout.

2. Consistent Routine

If you are a morning person you are more likely to stick to your exercise routine. Chances are that during later hours of the day, some unplanned meeting or event can make you skip your workout. So if you save the early hours for exercising you will surely form an exercise routine without fail.

3. Better Sleep

Sleep deprivation is not very uncommon these days. Researchers suggest that morning workout regulate and enhance your sleep cycles. It means that if you form early morning exercise habits, you will enjoy uninterrupted sleep for longer hours. Sound sleep is necessary for preparing your body for next day’s tasks.

4. Lowers Blood Pressure

Exercising first thing in the morning has shown to decrease blood pressure levels by 10%. It is also found to considerably lower anxiety and tension by releasing stress relieving hormones: endorphins.

5. Lesser Crowd

Not many people will push themselves out of the bed to exercise early in the morning. Thus it keeps traffic on running tracks and gym lesser. So if you like to have your space for working out, set the alarm a little early.

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1. More Warm up Time

As the body’s temperature is low in the morning, you have to warm up a little longer before exercising. This is necessary to make sure that your body gets flexible enough to exercise after night long sleep.

2. More Chances of Getting Injured

As your body gets stiff during sleep, chances of hurting your muscles during the morning workout are more. This is why you need extra warm up time to prevent any cramps or injuries.

3. Hard to Push out yourself from the Bed

Though the outcomes of morning workout are convincing, getting up early can be difficult. It is hard to push yourself out of the cozy bed for a vigorous exercise routine on some days. Even if you get up, possibly you won’t exercise with all efforts.

Evening work out

Evening workouts are easier to follow because you do not have to snooze the alarms again and again. Evening work outs help in building strength and muscles in the body. So if you have to put up muscle mass, evening is the best time for workout. Moreover your body is more flexible and has raised temperature level which is best suited for exercise.


1. Physical Adaptability

Your body has better flexibility during later hours than in the morning and has regulated body temperature ideal for exercising. This is due to the whole day’s movements that your body adapts conditions good for exercising. Hence, it does not require longer warming up sessions and also prevents any unwanted physical injuries.

2. Better Strength

Post noon, your body shows higher levels of strength and endurance. This hike in strength makes evening exercises easier to do as you are energized to take the physical challenge.

3. Builds Muscle Mass

Testosterone: a hormone responsible for muscle growth, is found in higher percentage during the evening. Thus you can cope up easily with high intensity strength training and build some muscles really efficiently.

4. Hassle Free Mornings

Unlike morning workout, evening workout does not require you to interrupt your sleep. Also you don’t have to quickly finish exercise and then rush for office and everything in between. It saves you all the hassle you would face in an early morning workout.

5. Longer Workout Sessions

As you have already met most of your daily commitments, you can enjoy longer workout session for remaining part of the day. Your mind is free from any pending chores list and focused on exercise. This helps in better performance.


1. Distractions

It is common that you may face some distractions to your workout like a party invitation, or shopping spree, stroll with a friend or some catchy restaurant on you way during the evening. These things may obstruct your daily fitness plans.

2. Safety Concerns

It might not be a very good idea to take a late night walk down the street. It is better when there are people around. Especially for women, safety concern may pop up during these hours.

3. More Traffic during Late Hours

If you are a gym goer, you may find difficulty in fetching fitness equipment that you need as the gyms are overcrowded during the evenings. Also more people hit the running tracks in the p.m. So traffic can be an issue.

So it must be clear from the above discussion that morning and evening workouts have their own advantages and drawbacks, It‘s up to your individual preference and comfort, which time you choose best for your workout.

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