8 Things to Do In Your Morning Routine Before 8:00 AM

April 14, 20171150

Today everyone is falling prey to cut-throat competition era. The high demands squeeze out all the energy and time from your daily mundane. But it is your duty to scrutinize every bit of time to make the most appreciated use of it. A planned early morning routine, before the clock strikes 8, helps to achieve targets on your personal to do list. In most of the cases, remainder of the day goes serving out professional or social responsibilities.

Life is a succession of busy nothings. Living a hurried life makes you realize that you have sacrificed more than justified for merely some unorganized lifestyle. Therefore before it’s too late, have long term vision of your life and invest time in a more systematic way.

So evidently, if you succeed to take time out in the early hours, you have added advantage of time to fulfill your personal commitments. Considering this, doing these 8 things before 8 a.m. is a must for every person.

1. Wake up early and fresh after sound sleep

A sound sleep lets you wake up fresh in the morning. A 7 to 8 hours of sleep regenerates your energy levels and makes you ready for the daily challenges. Moreover, waking up early benefits you with increased hours to groom yourself before you head towards your workplace and get occupied by duties.

2. Indulge some positivity

Practice meditation to let go off any fears or negativity that surrounds you. It will also purify your soul and boost your confidence. Meditating also clears the mind and enhance the focus. Praying also introduces you to life’s positivity and strengthens your courage. Starting day with a thanksgiving will make you stay calm and content.

3.  Get moving

If you do not exercise early in the morning, chances are that you might miss out workout due to lack of energy or some sudden priority. Also you are more energetic during the morning for a strenuous workout. Go to a gym, a walk or some home workout to ensure healthy later years of life.

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4.  Munch on protein

Grab a protein rich breakfast to make you feel satiated for longer duration. Protein sources like eggs, turkey, beans or protein shake will prevent you from any unhealthy cravings. A 30 grams intake of protein is recommended during breakfast. Protein is also desired by tired muscles after workout to regenerate.

5.  Cleans your body inside out

It is a good idea to take a bath before 8 am, preferably cold shower. It shows traits of fighting stress and depression. It is also believed to keep your circulatory, digestive and immune system healthy. Cleansing your body from within includes having water, hot lemon honey water first thing in the morning or sipping a cup of green tea to detoxify your body.

6.  Invest time on learning something new

Cultivate a habit to learn something new each day maybe through a book you read or some infotainment subscription you have chosen. This brings a sense of awareness and uplifts your I.Q. in a certain way. The best time is the early hours as later in the evening you might ignore it due to fatigue or busy schedule.

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7.  Strategize your daily goals

Before you head towards your office, visualize your commitments and prioritize accordingly. This helps you to manage your day more efficiently and alerts your brain for the upcoming tasks. Considering a broader picture, you can also list your long term goals and track your progress daily.

8.  Connect over coffee

To make the most out of your coffee time, have a family bonding. Family time improves your mood and elevates your composure. Morning time discussions are healthier as the mind is not cluttered with trivial things.


Bringing together these small changes that you make before 8 a.m. will leave you with long term benefits that address your physical and mental health. These habits will make you a better and organized person. It also ensures that you invest time on yourself and blossom your personal life along with professional.

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