Reasons Why you Should Eat Before Bed!

eat before bed

How many of you have grown up listening not to eat before bed or anything that you eat after sunset gets deposited as fat? Well, this is a conventional law of eating supporting the lower metabolism of body when asleep. No denying the fact that body rests but many organs are still at work like respiratory, circulatory and digestive system. Food acts as a fuel for these organs and insufficient diet can hamper their performance. It’s time to change your opinion and pay a glance to the

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Benefits of Eating Before Bed

  • No more waking up starved in the middle of the night. If you have enriched your body with a healthy snack before bed then you have zeroed the chances of any midnight cravings. These cravings are pleased with readily available packed snacks that are generally zero /low nutrition providers and add empty calories to your body. So be wise and treat yourself with a banana smoothie, yogurt, nuts, peanut butter applied whole grain bread or anything nutritious rather than unhealthy.
  • If you are a fitness freak, you must be aware that your workout regime also demands a repair mechanism. Carbohydrates and proteins enhance energy and muscle strength respectively. So don’t hesitate from grabbing a casein rich diet, a protein shake or healthy carbs before you go to bed. The body utilizes it for repair and maintenance of tissues and will not be depositing as stubborn fat.
  • The Carb rich diet plan also comes under the category of weight loss. Having more carbs during the later hours of the day will lessen your appetite in the long run. According to a research, people who ate more carbs at night rather than dividing the same volume throughout the day, produced a hormone that suppress hunger and supports better weight and fat loss in people.
  • You will enjoy uninterrupted sleep and will have fresh and energetic start for the next day only if eat well at night. Vice versa if you are not depriving of sleep, you will not fall for mindless snacking and unhealthy cravings.
  • If you are a diabetic, you must stick to the rule of eating before bed. Human body tends to generate insulin to utilize the extra glucose stream during morning. However a diabetic does not release sufficient insulin and has generally higher blood sugar levels in the morning. So in order to regulate the blood sugar levels, they must rely on eating dinner with lean proteins and low glycemic index. This will help in optimizing their sugar levels the next morning.
  • Some foods that are rich in tryptophan and melatonin are sleep promoters like beans, turkey, oats, cherry, pineapple. Indulge them in your late-evening meals to enjoy a sound sleep.

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Having said the above benefits, let us also remind you of other important eating tips

Eating Tips

  • Even the healthiest diets will reap no good for your health, if taken in excessive quantity.
  • Plan a balanced diet that is rich in most of the essential nutritional supplies that your body needs.
  • Eat frequent meals to avoid eat more quantity in a single meal and also make you lethargic.

Understand your body’s fitness goals and nutritional requirement.

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