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August 28, 20161400

The moment you decide you are going to be healthy and fit, the first step should be setting up a ‘ FITNESS GOAL’. Until and unless it is clear where do you want to reach and what you want to achieve, you will not triumph.

So, it is imperative for you to set fitness goal before you begin your ‘fat to fit’ journey. We recommend concentrating on one goal at a time. Here’s a quick checklist that you can manage for successful fitness goal setting:

Objective for Fitness Goal

First and foremost question that you should ask yourself is ‘what do I need to achieve’? It can be weight gain, weight loss, simply leading a healthy lifestyle and so forth. Pin down on the aim before moving to the next item. This is deemed to be a vital component in fitness goal setting process.

Be RealisticFitness Goal

Set realistic goals for yourself. It should be: 

  1. Measurable- Fitness Goals should be such that your progress can be measured over a period of time and are good enough to motivate & inspire you. For instance, If your aim is to lose weight, you should set a target to this goal in order to measure your progress. For example, ‘I will shed off ‘x’ pounds in 1 week/1 month and so on’.
  2. Achievable- Goal should be such that it looks achievable. For example, if you set a goal ‘I want to lose 10 pounds in 1 week’, this is a failure right at the onset. As a result, you might get demotivated and may contemplate ‘quitting’ the show. Try not to be harsh on your body, after all you own it! 🙂
  3. Motivating- Try to set goals that hold importance for you and motivate you to work hard to achieve them

Break it into chunks

It is rightly said that ‘Rome was not built in one day’. Hence, always consider taking small steps to fitness. This may require you to set multiple goals- one after another to reach the ultimate goal. With each successful small step, you will be stimulated enough to reach higher and higher. This will assist in bringing progressive approach and determination towards goal accomplishment. So if your ultimate goal is to lose 10 pounds, break it into small pieces like 2 pounds every week. One goal will lead to another goal enough to pump you up to reach to your final goal.  

Know Yourself

No one knows you better than yourself. You’re the one who knows your abilities and your body inside out. So while taking realistic approach towards fitness goal setting, set a target that is inline with your calibre. The goal should be easy to achieve yet challenging for you to keep you motivated enough to get going! 


Keeping all the above points into consideration, set a timeline for the goal. If you are setting a short term fitness goal, the ideal duration is 2-5 weeks. Long term fitness goal can last up to an year or so.

Be Flexible

The world is agile now-a-days so be ready to make changes in your fitness goal anytime for your own good. However, this should not hamper the ultimate destination you want to head to.

We hope that this article helps you set your goals in the right direction.


Happy Goal Setting!

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