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October 13, 2016350

Sugar is no doubt an important part of human body which provides food energy and makes the food good in taste. But with it’s advantages, it also carries some health hazards. Here are some of the benefits quitting sugar will do to your body and health:



Study reveals that eating excessive sugar may result in weight gain. As a result, your hormones level may change which may increase risk of cancer- breast, uterine, pancreatic etc.



Quitting sugar (mainly sugary junk food like chocolate bars, energy drinks, soft drinks etc) implies consuming less calories. This will automatically help you lose weight in quick span of time.

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Sugar has a direct co-relation with inflammation which causes depression. Also, sugar leads to fluctuation in blood sugar levels that may cause mood swings. So, quitting sugar or reducing the level of it’s intake will help you be in good mood.



When you intake less amount of sugar, your insulin level stays under control. As a result, you are able to keep acne at bay. Also, it leads to younger looking, wrinkle free and sagging free skin. Thus, helping you maintain a cleaner skin.


Consuming excess of sugar straight affects your white blood cells which helps your body fight bacteria. It may also lead to high risk of cholesterol, diabetes and heart diseases. So, try quitting sugar (especially processed) to have a stronger immune system and good health.



Studies reveal that added dietary sugars can decrease the activity of orexin cells which helps you keep energized. So, when these cells are absent or taken away, you feel sleepy and have less of energy. Ever wondered why you experience need of taking a nap after a sugar diet? Well, we hope you got the answer.

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Excess of everything is bad! So, the bottom line is- if you cannot resist sugar, have it in moderation. Alternatively, you can satisfy your taste buds with natural and unprocessed foods. Avoid processed foods such as soft drinks, chocolate, desserts and alike and replace it with items like fruits, dried fruits, water etc. Following such healthy remedies will definitely prove to be beneficial for your health in the long run.

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