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Skipping a meal especially at night has been believed to encourage weight and fat loss. It will not be wrong to say that not eating a meal (calories) can help you lose weight in the beginning but it comes with no guarantee. You might restore the lost pounds or in some cases even more than before. It is often overlooked that each body has different metabolic rate, weight, age and physical activity. Skipping a meal might not work for everyone.

What happens when we skip a meal?

In general we actually skip as much as 500 to 600 calories by avoiding dinner. This is beneficial for anyone aiming to shed the extra fat. On the contrary, when your body is not supplied any food for a few continuous hours, the blood sugar levels of your body show a fall. As a result, supply of glucose to the brain is slowed down. Owing to this, you feel tired, less energetic and unfocused. That’s when your brain starts craving for immediate and unhealthy food/snacks. By the same token, this might disturb your eating cycle.


  • Do not overeat the next meal

Not to mention, that eating too much after skipping a meal will hamper your fat loss goals. You have to be really careful about what you eat throughout the day. Couple your no-dinner routine with healthy eating habits for maximum and assured results.

  • Active Lifestyle

By all means, an active lifestyle is necessary for a fit body. Along with intermittent fasting, it’s important to realise the need of indulging into physical activity or sports. Not only will it boost your fat loss but also your personality and confidence.

  • Avoid Junk

Your body is designed to do tasks and it needs its fuel for doing so. If you are cutting down its fuel, consequently it will cut down its performance. So in order to recover the loss of energy, it is more tempted to easily available and calorie rich junk foods. Save yourself with some low calorie and nutritious snack instead.

  • An Exercise Regime

It is of utmost importance to follow an exercise plan that suits your body type and fitness goals. You can burn more calories this way and also exempt yourself from starving. It will not only help you lose fat but also ensure overall fitness.

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The Brighter Side

  • If your body responds well to the meal skipping routine, then you have better chances of losing more calories and fat. Just be sure that your metabolism is intact.
  • A meal skipper, especially dinner, will have lesser heartburn and hence can enjoy uninterrupted sleep.
  • Fasting promotes damage repairing tissues and hence reducing the risk of chronic inflammation and also regulates cholesterol levels.
  • Studies and experiments suggest that if done correctly, intermittent fasting also reduces the degeneration of neurons and hence increasing the longevity.
  • It also helps in curbing cancer causing cells in human body.


Every coin has two sides. Likewise, a meal skipper also has certain risks associated.

  • Nutritional-Deficiency

Our body requires many essential nutrients. Eliminating a complete diet can reduce the vitamins and minerals intake considerably. This might cause deficiency of certain nutrients in the long run.

  • Low Metabolism

You need certain energy to carry out daily’s tasks. Skipping a meal might drop your energy levels. This lowers your body’s metabolism. In such case, rather than completely missing on a diet, stick to low calorie dinner that may augment some essential nutrition to your body and restore its energy.

  • Lack of concentration

Glucose acts a propeller for Central Nervous System. Starving for few hours cuts down or lowers glucose supply to the brain. This is the reason you feel lack of concentration in performing daily tasks.

  • Prolonged Fatigue

Decrease in blood sugar levels deprives your body of the energy it requires. This might raise conditions like laziness, fatigue and in severe cases fainting. If you feel a sudden shift in you sugar levels and prolonged tiredness, consult a doctor.

  • If you are skipping dinner but not taking care of essential nutrients our body demands, it will lead to risk of disease like diabetics, anemia, thyroid

It can thus be said that there are no sure shot fat loss results on skipping dinner alone. You can reap the benefits, if you adhere to healthy eating habits and taking care of your body’s needs also.

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