The Disease Called Being Busy

April 12, 2017200

We have built a vicious loop of ongoing tasks around us which keeps ticking around the clock. The list is so long that it makes us surrender to the “disease of being busy”, or may I call the “Dis-Ease of being busy”.No denying the fact that high competition and raising demands paves our way to the doors of an over busy world. But do not forget that the main motive of a happy life is derailed. No matter what, find time for yourself. Being busy is like an addiction: the more you are, the more you want. Do not get trapped by the never ending demands dumped on you by society. Find contentment in your own sphere. The uncontrolled urge will lead you to nothing but empty yesterdays.

Keep Professional Life Outside the Home

People generally forget that they work so hard in their professional front to attain certain level of comfort in their personal lives. But gradually the line between the two gets so thin that they overburden themselves with work even at home. They would bring home their work assignments and if spared by the workload, just keep a check on business emails and calls. This nullifies the first most objective of being busy i.e. to have a more comfortable home atmosphere. Be at one place at a time.

Do Not Lose your Peace of Mind

Does the load of next day’s assignments haunt your sleep? If yes, then it is already an alarming situation. Never be so busy that stress makes home in your brain. Being busy is a good thing, but not being stressed. If need be, talk to your supervisors, to avoid any negative impacts of being busy on your health.

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Maintain your Calm

Try to avoid any hurried conversations with friends or family or even worse not making an effort to know their whereabouts. Relationships which are close to you deserve at least half the attention that you give to serving other person’s job. Whenever you meet someone, maintain your calm and have a gentle conversation.

Listen to your Body

Stop being a prisoner to tight schedules and an unattended body. Give yourself all the time an attention that you deserve. Catch the early hours of the day entirely for yourself. Do some constructive stuff for your body like meditation, exercising, outdoor morning walk, reading a newspaper or preparing your favorite breakfast. These things boost positivity, energy and enthusiasm.

Rip-off the Busy-ness Shackle

Work hard but party harder. Don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful gift called life. Stay sincere towards your commitments but learn to say no to overburden. Don’t let the stress of busyness drive you nuts. Take a chance now and then to have fun in between all the unavoidable hassle.

The Disease (dis-ease) of Being Busy

In this continuously advancing world where work pressures have touched the sky, learn to build a balance in your life. Excess of anything is harmful. Same applies to our busy schedule. While you may bargain some extra materialistic comforts but it comes at a huge cost of sacrificing the following:

  1. You may welcome many uninvited health problems like high blood pressure, panic attacks or diabetes.
  2. You have to sacrifice quality family time for some undone work assignment.
  3. Sleep deprivation or interrupted sleep caused due to overburden and anxiety.
  4. Over busy life tends to lower your energy in the long run. So in a way it slows your body’s metabolism.
  5. The constant need to cope up with work pressures initiates a feeling of discomfort and irritation in your behavior. You become aggressive over a period of time.
  6. It deprives you of the small things that can bring happiness in your life like a small rejuvenating vacation, catching up with friends or a leisure walk down the street.
  7. You lose your creativity to a completely mechanized and tightly planned routine.
  8. You fall victim to loop of never ending demands and standards, meant to please the society more than yourself.

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These small things make big difference in your life. Never stress or boast about being busy. It might shorten the gap between your dreams and reality but it takes away more than that. Remember: “There is no cure to birth and death but to enjoy the interval”

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