Top 5 Bodybuilding Tips You Need to Know When You're Bulking Up

February 26, 20187150

In order to get the perfect build, we all fix a strict workout plan along with a well analysed diet regime. All of the planning though seems exciting in the start, often one gets burned with the enormous amount of details and rigidity, thus leading to a morale collapse even before beginning. As goes the saying, “ Well begun is half done! “, it is important to not get overwhelmed with details and rather focus on just getting started. Keep in mind a few starting strategies and bodybuilding tips to succeed in your endeavor.


Increase The Amount Of Weight You Lift With Time

It won’t make much of a difference in the long run, if you keep on working with the same amount of weight that you begun with. It is important to understand that the weight you lift needs to be constantly increased over time. Even if you continue to follow many fancy weight lifting principles but fail to keep increasing the amount of weight lifted over time, the muscle building process will go very slow. It is only when you get stuck with the weight, not able to increase it further, that you should go for strategies like drop sets and super sets. This will help in increasing the potential of the body, thus in time increasing your weight lifting capacity.


Avoid Going Till Failure

Many people practice body building by going till the end for each exercise, as long as they can push their bodies. What we need to understand that it is not important to lift till failure for each kind of set. This instead of helping build up the body fast, creates many other kinds of problems. In order to cause a muscle to grow, you don’t have to exhaust it completely. Only a small push better than the previous comfort level is needed with each step, rather than pushing till the extremes.

If you continue to practice the ‘push till failure’ regime you might end up with serious issues like  central nervous system fatigue. Another problem of ‘push till failure’ leads to use of a lot of energy and thus not enough is left to complete the entire exercise regime. Therefore, try to focus on one to two reps short of failure. This will build up the muscles and keep the energy coming.


Fuel Up

Amino Acids and Carbohydrates are needed to build up the muscles in the body. Just exercising and not supplementing it with the right diet with lead to malnutrition. This will leave the body feeling weak and drained and in turn show no specific results of the heavy exercising regime. It is thus important to fuel up both before and after the workout. The rest of the meals can be flexible as long as you are fulfilling your required calorie count.


Regular Change Is A Must

At times, even though you are following the perfect workout plan and doing everything right, it may seem you are not gaining any new muscle. This is a sign of a plateau. Plateaus can hit anyone until absolutely carefully avoided. A plateau is a time period of more than 2 weeks of working out without any significant progress. The only way to avoid a plateau is to constantly bring about changes in your program. This can be done by either shifting the order of the exercises, playing around with the rest time between sets or simply changing a few exercises every now and then.


Rest Is Important

Many a times we make the mistake of pushing to hard and allowing no recovery time. In order to build up the body, it is important to rest between workouts lest you want your body to feel weaker instead of charged up. Ideally, a day’s break between lifting weights is necessary. Even for the cardio focused chaps it is necessary to take regular weekly breaks for the best possible results.

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