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November 14, 201726420

You can transform your body by working out consistently and eating clean. There is no magic. With this workout, we go to the basics. If you perform these everyday, you will get closer to your goals and start feeling a difference in your body.

Here are the exercises:

1. Squats


  • Stand as tall as you can with your feet shoulder-width apart, toes slightly pointed outward. Place hands on hips to help maintain balance.
  • Drop your hips and sit back until your thighs are parallel with the floor. Pause, then drive through the heels and lift body upwards back to the starting position, squeezing the glutes at the top of the movement.


  • Avoid letting knees slide past toes when descending.
  • Avoid leaning too far forward.

2. Push-ups


  • Begin on your hands and knees with your hands underneath your shoulders but slightly wider than your shoulders.
  • Come onto the balls of your feet and the heels of your hands, and then walk the feet back until you’re in the plank position. Keep your hips lifted to avoid the lower back bowing so the belly sags towards the ground.
  • Begin to bend your elbows, lowering your body in one solid piece down towards the floor. Your elbows will bend out to the side, not behind you. Keep your abdominal and leg muscles engaged throughout the entire movement. Your head should stay in line with your spine; not droop.
  • Lower yourself down until your chest is about an inch or two from the ground and then slowly push yourself back up to the starting position. Push through the heels of your hands in order to return to the starting position.


  • Don’t let your back sag down or your hips rise up. To modify, start with your knees on the floor and your hips tucked.
  • Start conservatively to avoid shoulder injury. Also, pushups should be avoided by anyone suffering from neck or shoulder injuries.

3. Plank


  • The Plank is a stationary exercise that helps strengthen the entire core of the body. Set up for the plank by getting a mat and laying down on your stomach.
  • To start the exercise prop your torso up on your elbows and your feet up on your toes.
  • Keeping yourself completely straight, hold this position for as long as possible.
  • Typically, the plank is done for 3 x 1 minute sets. However, as you get stronger your should be able to do 1 – 3 minutes.


  • Do not let your mid section sag in the middle. You need to keep yourself straight at all times.
  • Do this exercise in front of a mirror to make sure you are not letting your technique slip.
  • Raise an arm or a leg to increase intensity.

4. Bird-dog


  • Begin by getting down on your hands and knees with your arms shoulder-width apart and hands directly underneath your shoulders.
  • Next, tighten your core and begin exercise by simultaneously raising your right arm up and your left leg up at the same time until they are both in line with the rest of your body.
  • Hold this position for a brief moment and then return to starting position. Repeat with opposite leg and arm.


  • It’s better to perform a few bird dogs with good form than it is to do many with poor form.
  • Work at your level of strength. If you can only do the arm lift, take a few weeks to master that. Then add the leg lift into your routine. Practice that for a few weeks and then try the arm-leg combination.

5. Hip raises


  • Lie on an exercise mat with your knees bent so that your feet are flat on the floor. Keep your back straight.
  • Place your hands out to your sides palms flat for stability.
  • Raise your glutes off the floor by extending your hips upward while pushing down through you heels.
  • Continue until your back, hips and thighs are in a straight line. Hold for a count of one.
  • Return to the start position by lowering your hips back to the floor.
  • Pause then repeat.


  • 1. The power from the exercise should come from your glutes. Be sure to contract them at the top of the movement.
  • 2. Keep your foot underneath your knee throughout the exercise. Avoid having it too far out in front of you.
  • 3. Keep your heel firmly pressed into the floor throughout the movement.


The one month plan

There are two basic workouts in this program

Workout #1

  • Plank – 1 minute
  • Push-ups – 1 minute
  • Squats – 2 minutes
  • Bird-dog – 1 minute
  • Hip raises – 1 minute
  • Plank – 1 minute
  • Push-ups – 1 minute
  • Squats – 2 minutes

10 seconds rest after each exercise.

Workout #2

  • Plank – 3 minutes
  • Bird-dog – 3 minutes
  • Hip raises – 3 minutes
  • Push-ups – 3 minutes

15 seconds after each exercise.

For one month, you have to alternate Workout #1 and Workout#2. After 6 days you have to rest for one day.


For example, your first week should look like this:

Day 1 – Workout #1
Day 2 – Workout #2
Day 3 – Workout #1
Day 4 – Workout #2
Day 5 – Workout #1
Day 6 – Workout #2
Day 7 – rest


Repeat this for 4 weeks. You will see and feel your body tightening and your strength improving after just one month. For better results, follow a clean diet, get enough rest and drink plenty of water. Good Luck!

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