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Metabolism relates to chemical activities that are necessary for supporting life in any living organism. Broadly speaking metabolic activities refers to consumption of food, breaking down of consumed food into nitrogenous organic matter and conversion of food into energy. The metabolic rate is related to how fast your body can burn calories. Metabolism depends upon a number of physical factors like age, gender, hormonal balance and physical activity. For a more fit and healthier self you should work on increasing your metabolism. From little habits to dedicated challenges, there are many ways to boost your metabolism.

Below is a list of ways to increase your body’s metabolism:

Muscle Build Up

Muscles are active tissues that need energy for building and maintaining. Therefore, they consume calories even when your body is at rest. This means that building muscle can rev up your metabolic activity in a big way. Undergo strength training sessions to build up more muscles.

Rely On Lean Protein

Eat food rich on protein like eggs, fish, beans, yogurt, cottage cheese etc. It takes more time and energy by our body to break down protein. Hence the body’s metabolism remains active for a longer time. Also protein rich food promotes muscle mass which is good for rising up the metabolism.

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Boost Up Your Physical WorkOut

Stick to an exercise routine as it surely elevates your metabolism. A high intensity workout can be more fruitful in attaining so. It shoots up your metabolic activity rate, even when you rest, as a result of EPOC (Excess Post workout Oxygen Consumption). This will not only boost your metabolism during and after exercise but also ensure fitness and good health. So slot in a 30 minute workout session in your routine

Eat Right Amount Of Healthy Food

Although every food you intake needs some energy to be broken down (known as Thermal Effect of Food). So stick to organic and whole/unprocessed foods that take longer breakdown time than refined food items. Also eat frequent meals to keep the metabolic activity going on. It will also ensure that you don’t gulp huge calories at one time and intervene with blood sugar levels.

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Sip More Water

Staying quenched will prevent any dehydration and also boost your metabolism. Water is also required for proper digestion of food. It means lack of water may hinder breakdown of nutrients and also lower your energy.

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Ditch The Regular Tea For Green Tea

Green tea, when made a part of your weight loss program, shows improved results. It is because of the presence of catechins: antioxidants that boosts fat reduction and weight loss. Known for its zero calories, metabolism booster and antioxidant traits, it is a must for everyone.

Never Skip Breakfast

Skipping breakfast may deprive your body of the required energy kick start for the day. It will also make you grab a heavier lunch. This will disturb your body’s metabolism. Eating breakfast after night long sleep initiates thermogenesis (heat generation on digestion of food) and revs up your metabolic rate.

Iron Is Important

Our cells needs oxygen for releasing energy throughout the body. Iron does this by carrying oxygen through blood. Hence maintaining the metabolism. Iron deficiency can cause lesser appetite, fatigue or anemia. Eat iron rich foods like lentils, fish, eggs, pumpkin seeds, spinach and mint leaves etc.

No Starving

Make sure you provide sufficient calories to your body to fulfill daily’s tasks. By eating less, you increase the chances of nutritional deficiency and hence disrupted metabolism. It can also lead to state of starvation where your mind sends signal to stop burning fat and also use protein from muscle mass.

Take A Good Night Sleep

Sleep deprivation leads to impaired glucose tolerance levels in humans. It also disturbs the metabolic functions and hormonal balance. It also ruins your hunger cycle and reduces the calorie burn percentage. Hence take a sound sleep for 7 to 8 hours and keep your metabolism up and going.

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