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November 4, 20172370

Sometimes you just can’t get up and get yourself to workout. Skipping a day or two every now and then is ok, but skip one too many and you risk falling off the bandwagon. Before you know it your gym time will be spent on the couch watching TV every day. Don’t let this happen to you. Here are some ways to motivate yourself to workout when you just don’t feel like it.


When you absolutely do not want to get up and get going, consider working out at home or in bed while being lazy. Any workout is better than none. Try a few jumping jacks or skip rope while watching TV. Do some ab work during commercials. Be creative.


Too much of the same thing can get boring. We get it. Try changing your workout routine every few months. This is also beneficial for making consistent gains. If you are bored of running on a treadmill or using the elliptical, try cycling, swimming or rowing. Or go outdoors. Whatever gets your heart rate up and changes things up a little bit.


It has been proven that music has a direct correlation to workout motivation. Your favorite music always pumps you up and will motivate you to get going. While working out, you always try to sync your movements to the beats, so try to pick some fast numbers for your workout playlist. Updating your playlist from time to time will definitely keep you going. If nothing else, dancing to an updated workout can be a great workout.


You are less likely to miss workouts if you know someone else is waiting for you and counting on you. Try to find a workout buddy with similar goals. You can try some fun things like playing tennis or shooting basketball instead of a boring treadmill workout. You can also join some group classes with friends and motivate each other.


Sometimes you just want to skip a workout because you are tired and don’t feel like pushing yourself with your normal intensity. Don’t skip the workout when this happens. Try doing a lower intensity workout instead. If you were going to run, go for a walk instead. If you were going for resistance training, try the same with lighter weights. Some exercise is better than no exercise.


Working out doesn’t have to be boring. Not everyone enjoys every kind of workout. There is absolutely no reason for you to do any kind of exercises that you don’t enjoy doing. If you don’t like boring cardio workouts, try to pick up a sport like tennis or basketball instead. Resistance training is important but you can pick or leave out exercises as you wish there as well. There is always a substitute for any kind of exercise. Find out what works for you.


Sometimes you get demotivated because you don’t have a goal or are stuck in a plateau with nothing to look forward to. Motivate yourself by taking up a challenge where you see a visible reward at the end of it. Try signing up for a 5K or 10K race. You will need to train for it and feel really good about yourself when it is finished. Or try a 30 day push up challenge or something similar. It’ll get addictive and you’ll come back wanting more.


New gear will make you want to put it on and try it out. You will likely get moving the very same day or next day when you buy new workout clothes or shoes. Anytime you feel demotivated to continue, try to buy some new gear. You don’t have to break the bank every time. It can be something as small as a new arm band or a new t-shirt. Just something new to wear during your next workout.


Set a reward for yourself at the end of a workout. If you don’t feel like working out, think of something you like and tell yourself that you will reward yourself if you go to workout. This strategy works wonders. As you go on, make the rewards more and more difficult to earn. Someone I knew really liked cheesecakes and used to reward himself with a slice if he did not skip any workouts for 2 weeks. Find something similar that works for you.

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