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December 23, 2016460

While it is very easy and comforting to lie down in your bed, watching your favorite movie but it will offer your health no good. You need some weight loss motivation have to push yourself out of the comfort zone to give your body the ideal weight and shape. As much as fitness is important for body, it has positive effect on your mental health also. It’s just the beginning that is hard. Once you develop a routine and see results, you will find fitness addictive. So it’s not late yet to convince yourself to lose the extra weight.

Here a few tips that might give you weight loss motivation:

1. Compare Yourself to the Earlier you

Look at pictures from your past and keep a check on yourself. You should convince yourself to get back in shape to look as fit and feel as young as earlier.


2. Understand the ill Effects of Obesity

Understand what overweight does to your body in the long run. It brings the risk of heart diseases, diabetes, inflammatory diseases and other chronic disorders. You don’t want to risk the later years of your age just for being lazy today. So get up and follow some exercises.

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3. Free Yourself from “it is not Possible” Thoughts

If you have already surrendered to the negative thoughts, then you have already lost the battle. Liberate yourself from all the negative energy and surround yourself with positive people. Stay connected to people who aim at losing weight. This will keep up your spirit.


4. Try to Enhance your Abilities

Although the extra fat might have reduced your stamina in terms of physical activities. Such as running a certain distance or dancing for a while. But rather than feeling bad about it, make it your motivation. Keep expanding your targets gradually and push yourself harder daily.

5. Target for Clothes that do not Fit Anymore

The pretty dress that you bought last summer or the shirt that showcased your athletic built does not fit anymore? Well, look for an intense work out and diet plan that brings you back in shape. Strategize a physical routine that targets to fit in those clothes again.


6. Have Patience

No exercise and diets can show you results overnight. Have patience and stick to the plan to reach your goals. Every bit of effort that you put in to lose weight will pay off, but with time.


7. Boycott the “All or Nothing” Approach

Do you think that either you have to starve or over train in gym to reap some benefits? Well, it is a totally wrong approach. Following an active workout and giving up on unhealthy food in routine will show better and assured results. Don’t be harsh on your body and lead to some damage.


8. Set Realistic Goals

Sometimes you only plan to shed the extra kilos for a particular occasion. Then you push yourself too hard to achieve some unrealistic targets. This might show results temporarily but you are likely to hamper the body’s metabolism. Also such goals are not long lasting and you are back to the “unfit-you” in no time. Set smaller targets that are easy to attain and will provide stable solution.

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9. Check What you Eat

Form a habit of reading the ingredients labelled on packed foods. Also check what a certain food item is rich in. This way you know the good or bad effects it has on your body and the best time to consume it. This acknowledgement will itself filter your food diary. Also try to stock your shelf with healthy snacks and foods.


10. Leave the Scale Alone for a while

If you have a habit of frequently measuring your weight, avoid it. Instead, try to feel how active you are today as compared to a week ago. This is a better approach as weighing scale might prove discouraging, if used too frequently.


11. Reward Yourself

Compliment yourself for achieving the targets. Pamper your taste buds once you have come a long way. Look into the mirror and feel the difference. Fitness brings out the best of your beauty. Compliments for peers will also keep you motivated to keep working on the weight loss goals.

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