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October 22, 20162150

Love to drink soda? Those fizzy drinks you’re gulping down are not just packed full of sugar, but they’re rich in caffeine–a chemical that we all use to keep us awake. They may make getting through a hard day at work easier, but that doesn’t mean your body’s enjoying it as much as you are. When you drink too much caffeine, you can cause a whole host of conditions and symptoms.


10 Minutes after you Drink Soda

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A can of soda contains around 10 teaspoons of sugar which is enough to affect your system and make you throw up. But presence of Phosphoric acid in the soda doesn’t let that happen.


20 Minutes after you Drink Soda

Your blood sugar rises causing increase in insulin level. This sugar is converted by liver to fat.


40 Minutes after you Drink Soda

After 40 minutes when liver infuses sugar in blood, soda intake causes pupils to enlarge and abnormal rise in blood pressure.

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45 Minutes after you Drink Soda

There is immense increase in levels of dopamine that releases pleasure in your brain.


60 Minutes after you Drink Soda

Phosphoric acid holds to calcium, zinc and magnesium in your intestines. You feel the need to urinate (that may be exit of calcium that makes your bones strong). Eventually, you will feel dehydrated and inactive as and when sugar level lowers down.


So, it is recommended that you drink soda in moderation if you cannot avoid it totally from your diet. Try this out- this is just for your and only your good!

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