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October 31, 20169521

If excess body weight is giving you nightmares, stop worrying and start acting.

There are many reasons of obesity: lethargic lifestyle, genetics and unhealthy eating habits. Root cause being your body’s intake of calories is more than it can process. First understand that any extra sugar, protein or carb that is not being processed by body will be deposited in the fat cells. Now getting rid of this stubborn fat can be a real challenge but not impossible.

A fitness regime and healthy eating are the fundamental rules for anyone targeting weight loss. Your body will showcase the quality and quantity of food you eat. So make sure whatever you consume has some nutritional benefits to your body. Don’t starve yourself, just eat right. Are you keeping your body physically active enough to burn the calories that you have? If you are taking care of these basic things, weight loss is certainly not that tough.

However there can be a few difficulties in your journey from fat to fit. But knowing the benefits of the result, it’s definitely worth the efforts. Let us list down a few challenges that is making it hard to lose weight.


Goal definition

Have you assigned yourself a target to be achieved? If not, do it right away.

Set targets help you work better towards your goal.

Bad Eating habits

We don’t say to do mathematics of the calories that you eat all the time, but you should be aware that your body is able to burn the calories consumed. Make a healthy diet plan. Have a protein and fiber rich breakfast in the morning. Fiber stay in your body for longer duration thus suppressing any desire for snacking up uselessly. Instead of 3, take 6 smaller and frequent diets. Have salads and drink more water half an hour prior to eating. Eat less for dinner. Dinner should be taken minimum 3 hours before sleeping, so that you don’t have to lie down right after you eat.

Regular detoxification

Clean your body by having more water, green tea and lukewarm honey water. It will purify your internal system by removing the toxins from your body.

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Prefer more unprocessed food than processed one

Eat more vegetables and fruits than chips, pasta etc. It has no nutritional value and will add useless calories to your body.


Choose an exercise plan for your body, focusing on the fat deposition on your body (belly fat/thigh/arms). However full body work out will only have added benefits. Keep increasing the time and intensity of your workout for better results.

Hormonal disorder

If you think you are doing right, but still not getting desired results, one reason might be hormonal imbalance. Observe your body’s energy levels, appetite and response to routine activities. If you feel more hungry than normal, still less energetic and experience mood swings, it might be cause of hormonal imbalances in your body. It may also be the reason you are not losing weight as desired.


Another factor is your genes. It is not uncommon for children to be more prone to obesity if their parents are obese. Usually you will have to be more careful and workout more rigorously if you are really keen about weight loss.


Are you stressed out most of the times? Don’t forget that stress will only add more pounds to your body. When in stress, your body secretes cortisol hormone which may tend to rise your appetite and end up making you more fat. So friends, try to stay happy and stress free.

Sleep deprivation

Do you pamper your body with 7 to 8 hours of sound sleep? It’s very important in the long run so as to maintain body’s energy levels. If you haven’t slept well, you won’t feel active the whole next day, which might lead you skipping your exercise and running out for unhealthy snacking for immediate energy. Researchers also suggest that sound sleepers have better weight loss graphs than sleep deprived peers.

So with just a few healthy approaches towards life, you can easily make weight loss manageable and achievable. Incorporate these few tips in your lifestyle and do wonders.

Good Luck!

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