Women’s Full Body Weight Loss Workout

women's full body weight loss workout

This women’s full body weight loss workout is designed for women who want to lose weight. This beginner to intermediate level workout focuses on weight training for three days and cardio for three days in a week. Choose alternate days for workouts A, B and C and never do these on consecutive days. Cardio should be done any three out of the remaining four days. One day is for rest.

Your diet is more important than your workout, so make sure you follow a good weight loss diet plan. Make sure your form is correct for each workout. Get some help from a trainer in case you do not know how to do a particular exercise.

Here is the workout plan:








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Good Luck!


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    Thanks for the great plan of the Women’s Full Body Weight Loss Workout. How do the sets work? Do you do a set and rest for say 30sec and then repeat? Or do complete the full workout and then repeat? Thankyou.

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